"You can't buy happiness but you can buy donuts. And that's kind of the same thing!"
e-RPDS                                                                                             02/02/2018
Letter from the Director

Dear Redeemer Community,


Some things are better said by our students!


If You Give a Dad a Donut

(Written by: Mrs. Barta's Pre-first)


If you give a dad a donut, he will want some coffee with it.

After he drinks his coffee, he will want to draw a picture of himself.

After he draws a picture, he will work in his office.

After he does his work, he will go to the movies.

While watching the movie, he will eat popcorn.

After he eats popcorn at the movies, 

He will take his grandchildren to the park.

After playing in the park, he will go to the Science Museum.

After visiting the Science Museum, he will go home and take a nap.

When he wakes up from his nap, he will be really thirsty.

So he will ask for a cup of coffee.

And chances are if he asks for a cup of coffee, 

He will want a donut to go with it!



Best regards,


Classroom Updates:

Mrs. Barta's Pre-first:
P re-first has been learning all about polar bears, their habitats and how they survive in the frigid temperatures. We have been writing about the large mammals, playing games and creating some beautiful polar bear masterpieces. Ask your children to share some interesting facts they have learned about polar bears. In language arts, we have been comparing different versions of the story, The Mitten. We have been focusing on a variety of story elements such as characters, setting, plot or main idea and the author's purpose of a story. We have incorporated this into our own writing of stories and journal entries. Currently, in phonics, we are learning about consonant blends and digraph blends. We have been busy, blending, reading, segmenting and spelling words with multiple sounds. In Math, we continue learning about money, place value and comparing numbers  through a variety of hands-on manipulatives and games. Thank you to all that came to Donuts in the Day School...your children and I were excited to have you join us!
Mrs. Smith's & Mrs. Vandenberg's Kindergartens:
We have been having a great time growing and learning in Kindergarten. We are continuing to become more independent at school and hopefully at home. Please continue to let your child zip their own coat and put on their boots. We will continue to go outside - even in the snow - so please send in winter gear. We are continuing our unit on Arctic animals, focusing on penguins this week. Our upcoming units are of high interest to the children and we are excited to work on them. Stay tuned for some more mini homework projects which will allow your child to teach the other students about something that they have learned

Mrs. Faint & Mrs. Baker's Pre-k:
Thanks for sending appropriate winter clothing as we do try to get outside for at least a few minutes every day unless it is ridiculously cold. The children really do need to get those large muscles moving! At this time of year, it is fun to see new friendships forming. There are several times during the week when we break into two small groups for specials and it is good to see boys and girls interacting with different friends. They are all quite comfortable in our classroom, more emotionally developed and so truly engaging in play with others. Important social and life skills are emerging but please remind your child if they can't work out a problem the teachers are there to help! The letter this week is one of our favorites with so many things starting with P including penguins, pirates, pop rocks and popcorn! Next week with Q we will focus on doing a quality job in our work with the letters and numbers we have studied so far. We are doing plenty of rhyming and trying to sound out simple words with the letters we know. With Doodle Bug counting days in school, we are almost to 100! We keep washing our hands trying to keep those germs away! Here's to healthy February!

Mrs. Loeb & Mrs. Vahedi's Pre-k:
What a busy and fun month! The kindergarten presented their research on otters and snowy owls when we worked on the letter "O" and did a great job.  It is amazing how they've grown and learned. Our class asked several great questions after the presentation - we were proud of them! We have finished "P" with pancakes, pizza, colored 'pencils', pattern, penguins and pirates! Despite the snow days we have examined opposites, macaroni and cheese, listened to opera, and built ladders! Handwriting continues to be a challenge, and diagonals are tough. However, your children are working hard to master these skills. Sorry if we are a little loud when you walk by; inside voices are almost impossible to maintain, but we ARE trying!  As we almost ALWAYS go outside please remember to send both boots and inside shoes. We have a fabulous playground and it is SO good for them to run around!  We are very excited about 'Donuts at the Day School'!  Can't wait to see all of you and share our morning. Take a look at the pictures we've drawn and see if you can discover your child. Enjoy!!!
PS. Bingo was so much fun with "Our Moms". Lots of fun for everyone! Thank you to everyone who made it such a success!

Mrs. Hooper & Mrs. Grieve's 3s:
The 3 day 3's enjoyed all of their snow and artic animal projects, stories and discussions.  After reading the book Gregory Groundhog; your little ones  made their very own Groundhog complete with his shadow!   We are moving on from blue rectangles to pink hearts and our February nursery rhyme is Hickory Dickory  Dock.  Your cherubs are working hard on an "All About Me" Book which will come home as a Valentine treat!  Next week, the children will be decorating their Valentine "mailbags", be sure to send in 16 unaddressed Valentine cards for them to mail on February 14th.  We have started sorting and counting different shaped pasta, as well as, lining the sorted pasta up and counting it left to right.  Many new "manipulatives" and scissors are filling our morning tables as the children enjoy building their hand strength and their small motor skills.  We are discussing opposites and continue to reinforce rhyming, letters, numbers, shapes and colors.  The excitement is growing for our science table to come "alive" as we planted 3 paper white bulbs and can't wait for some fragrant blooms. The second half of February will be filled with many fun activities that are  all about our FIVE SENSES!  Thanks to the Dads and special guests who shared their morning with us today.  Wishing you all a warm and wonderful weekend!
Miss Ball & Mrs. Schroeder's 3s:
The 5 Day 3s have been busy! We just finished our much enjoyed unit on Mo Willems. We have been very impressed by the childrens insight into Elephant and Piggys friendship, and their enthusiasm for learning about an author. We have also used these characters to do mazes, matching games, and made puppets. They have really enjoyed this unit and we encourage you to read any piggy and elephant books with them. We also read about pigeon, painted him and acted out several of the books. In the second half of the school year we will be picking up speed as we include more themes and units in each month. In February we will be discussing the Olympics, The Senses and All About Me as well as our letters, shapes and so on! We will ask that everyone take time with your child to pick out something special from home to bring in to share with our class as part of the all about me unit, more details will follow.For our senses unit we will be experimenting with all our bodies can do. Ask your child about what they have learned in school and how they use their senses at home! Also remember to check your childs cubby for weather appropriate clothing considering the weather fluctuates widely this time of year!  We are excited for Valentines day which is coming up so quickly. A few reminders for Valentines cards: We have 17 children in our class, please watch out for nut products and do not worry about putting the other 
children's  names on the cards. Your child will deliver their Valentines,  so it will be easier if it just says who it is from. If you would like, and your child is willing, you can also have your child practice writing t heir name on their cards! Thank you all for everything you do and as always please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you  may have!

Mrs. Arrup & Mrs. Yanega's 2s:
The winter weather has settled in and so have we with our thematic units.  We have enjoyed decorating winter hats, "ice painting" and creating a melted snowman.  We have also discussed pets which all children were eager to contribute to our conversation.  We read the books, Pete the Cat, If You Take a Cat to the Movies, and Harry the Dirty Dog.  The children loved decorating Pete the Cat and creating a fish tank.  Although we are not in school for "Donuts in the Day School", we are still celebrating by growing our very own donuts.  We planted the donut seed on Tuesday and are excited to see what happens over the weekend!  February will find us discussing birds, love and friendship, the color pink and the heart shape.  We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Tuesday, February 13th so don't forget to send in 8 Valentine's Day cards.  We are looking forward to celebrating with your little love bugs!

Mrs. Wyatt & Mrs. Zuidema's 2s:
The Wyatt/Zuidema Twos have had a fantastic January. Our unit on pets was lots of fun. We enjoyed seeing pictures and hearing stories about all of the pets belonging to you, your neighbors, or your aunts and uncles, and we loved hearing about the pets you might want to have someday. Our projects included a goldfish bowl, Pete the Cat, and lots of other crazy pets. Ask your children to sing our circle time song, "I have a Pet," to you. They like making the animal noises. Next month we will talk about Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, love and friendship, hearts and the color pink. We will also have a cross curriculum unit on the Olympics and have our own Olympic games with the big kids! Keep an eye out for an email about Valentine's Day. As always, we thank you for sharing your children with us.

Lunch Bunch: 
It's been a busy January for lunch bunch! They have been playing games, doing science experiments and making winter art projects.  We have been experimenting in our STEM room, where we can see what is magnetic, do a puzzle of the body, work on the rubberband challenge.  Our scientist also did a will it freeze experiment, and how to melt ice with salt.  We have been doing winter projects, winter paint and stamp scenes, stringing winter necklaces, hunting for mittens and hats in Spanish, and playing snowman bowling.  We have been doing puppet shows in our library and playing in all the other rooms in the school. We are playing math and letter games with out beanbags, as well as been bag skeeball.  Lunch bunch prepared for our upcoming donuts at the day school by watching how Krispy Kremes are made and then decorating big donuts. I hope all the visitors enjoyed our donut signs!  We also have been able to play a lot on our playground.  We will be getting ready to do some Valentines games and art, make ground hogs and pancakes for Fat Tuesday. I hope your children are sharing with you all the different things they are doing at lunch bunch.

Office Notes
Student Contracts:
Student contracts and enrollment deposits for the 2018-2019 school year are due February 9th . If you do not plan to re-enroll your child and have received a contract, please notify the office. We maintain an active waiting list of families who are eager to hear about enrollment opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Knott or Katie Poe.

Car Pool Reminder
P lease remember that car line ends at 9:00 sharp! If you arrive after 9:00, please pull into the parking lot and walk your child into school. It is important that the teachers staffing car line are finished by 9:00 so they can join their students to begin class for the day. We appreciate your efforts in getting your children to school on time.

Winter is here!
Please be sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather. We like to go outside. One cold and uncomfortable child can impact the entire class. Hats, mittens, winter coats and warm pants or leggings are a must. If your child comes to school in boots, please make sure sneakers are in your child's backpack. We appreciate your cooperation with this. 

Thursday, February 15th @ 9:00
Pre-k Sneak Peek for 3s Parents

Friday, February 16th- NO SCHOOL -Professional Day
Monday, February 19th- NO SCHOOL- Presidents' Day
Friday,February 23rd- Parent Conferences 3/2s, 5/3, Pre-k, Kindergarten and Pre-first- school NOT IN SESSION for these classes.  The 3 day 3s WILL BE IN SCHOOL. 
Program Highlights:
Donuts at the Day School

 What fun we had today with classroom visits from many special visitors! Our dads, uncles, grandfathers and special visitors got a glimpse of what happens in our school day. Our students were excited to show off their classrooms, enjoy time with a special guest, and of course, eat donuts! We are very grateful to Jen and Brian Rakes for putting this event together! Be sure to click on the slideshow found under the QuickLinks Section to see more!


Bingo Bonanza


We were excited to gather lots of moms, teachers and a few special guests for some bingo fun. Not only did we enjoy each other's company, but we had many lucky winners and a whole lot of laughs. A very special thank you to Mandy Saleh and Lexie Mills for their efforts in putting together such a great event.

In preschool we recognize the privilege, responsibility and joy of educating our youngest students. Alongside their parents, we work diligently at building the foundation for their ongoing and lifelong learning. Be sure to click on the link below found in every issue to see our wonderful students in action. Enjoy!

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February 11 @ 10:00 am -  11:00 am
The Jazz Mass will take place Sunday, February 11, at the 10:00 service. Everything from blues and gospel to joyful Spirituals and New Orleans style jazz will make up this service featuring piano, drums, guitar, jazz organ, trumpet and electric bass.  The Helping Up Mission Gospel Choir will be joining our choirs. A lively liturgy before Lent!

Redeemer Speaker Series
February, 28 7 pm
Author of Each Day, a veteran educator's guide to raising children, Z. Vance Wilson has served as headmaster of
St. Albans School in Washington, D.C. since 1999.  A graduate of Yale University, where he majored in English and played basketball, he went on to earn degrees from Trinity College, Dublin, and the University of Virginia.  The author of They Took Their Stand: The Integration of Southern Private Schools and an award-winning novel, The Quick and the Dead, his letters and essays point to the spiritual core of teaching and learning: What can educators and parents do to draw our children to their best selves?

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