RPA Weekly Recap | May 30th, 2023

Memorial Day 2023

Every day is a day to remember our fallen heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. We here at the Republican Party of Arkansas hope that as you spent time this weekend with friends and family, you also took a moment to appreciate the blessings of living in the United States of America.

Democrats Attack Arkansas LEARNS

Last week Pulaski Judge Herbert Wright issued a temporary restraining order against the Arkansas LEARNS Act. This lawsuit, brought by activist Democrats from around the state, is the latest attempt to block the boldest education reform in the nation.

Remember, Arkansas Democrats voted against teach pay raises. They voted against parental empowerment. They voted against kids trapped in failing schools. They voted against literacy coaches being deployed to areas in need. Now, they have resorted to the judicial branch to halt what they could not change in the legislative process.

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders released the following statement: "This is an absurd lawsuit with zero merit and we will file an appeal immediately. It’s sad the radical left is playing political games with children’s futures. We are focused on making sure that every kid in AR has access to a quality education, teachers have the pay raises they deserve, and parents are empowered. We expect to be vindicated at the Supreme Court and I’m confident that the Attorney General will be able to vigorously defend it."

Attorney General Tim Griffin has already announced that he has appealed this decision to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Saving Our School: Phillips County GOP Chairman Op-Ed

Arkansas Democrat Gazette| Martin Rawls

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Governor Sarah Sanders Among Americans Banned by Putin

Arkansas Democrat Gazette| Frank Lockwood

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Heading into this past Memorial Day weekend, Americans are forced to spend significantly more on their barbeques, shopping, and travel plans thanks to Bidenflation.

What you need to know:

  • Memorial Day cookouts will cost more under Biden, with hot dogs up 2%, rolls up 13%, condiments up 13%, and beer up 6%.
  • For dessert, prices are up 14% for pies, 13% for ice cream, and 16% for cookies.
  • Holiday weekend travel will also squeeze American wallets, with airfares nearly 10% higher than pre-pandemic prices and hotels up 3.5% from last year and 15% since 2019.
  • It's not just airfare, as U.S. average gas prices currently sit at $3.57 per gallon which is more than $1.00 higher than when Biden became president.
  • 80% of Americans say they are changing their summer travel plans because of Bidenflation.

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