RPA Weekly Recap | May 1, 2023

Arkansas LEARNS Town Halls

This past week Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Education Secretary Jacob Oliva spoke in Jonesboro and Texarkana about Arkansas LEARNS: the premier conservative education reform in Arkansas. Arkansas LEARNS bolsters literacy initiatives, increases starting teacher pay to some of the highest in the Nation, and empowers parents to send their children to the school that best fits their needs. Arkansas LEARNS is just one of the pieces of legislation signed into law during Governor Sanders first 100 days. You can see more of her historic tenure so far here!

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Rips Biden's Campaign Launch Video: "Lack of Energy and Enthusiasm"

Fox News | Ainsley Earhardt

Full Interview Here

State Rep. Keith Brooks (R-Little Rock) Speaks About Passing Arkansas LEARNS

Foundation for Government Accountability

Full Interview Here

The Republican National Committee held Spring Training in Oklahoma City last week. Arkansas was represented strongly and the following appointments to temporary committees were made: RPA Chairman Cody Hiland to the Committee on Election Integrity, National Committeeman Jonathan Barnett to the Committee on Faith Engagement, and National Committeewoman Mindy McAlindon to the Grassroots Advisory Committee.

RPA Chairman Cody Hiland spoke at the Clay County Republican Committee's Crawfish Boil on Saturday. He spoke about the recent legislative victories from the 94th General Assembly and how the party is preparing for 2024.

RNC Launches Biden Fact Check Website

This past week, to coincide with Biden's 2024 announcement, the RNC launched factcheckbiden.com.

What you need to know:

  • Factcheckbiden.com is a website solely dedicated to fact checking President Biden in real time.
  • Factcheckbiden.com will share fact checks with the press and public as Biden lies, which is any day that ends in Y.
  • This site will provide real-time messaging on Biden for our activists who sign up for email updates through the website.

Tweet of the Week

When I first was elected in 2011 we debated over the debt ceiling. After hours of negotiations, we passed bipartisan reform. VP Biden even said it was an honor to work with @HouseGOP

to get this across the finish line. At the time, our debt was $15T. Now, it is $31T. #DebtCeiling