RPA Weekly Recap | July 17, 2023

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Appoints Ken Bragg, Pro-Educational Freedom Champion, to State Board of Education

Last week Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders appointed former legislation and pro-education freedom champion, Ken Bragg, to a seven year term on the State Board of Education.

Bragg, a staunch conservative, served in the Arkansas General Assembly for 10 years and as an aide to Governor Sanders during the most recent legislative session. There he helped craft and pass Arkansas LEARNS, the boldest educational reform in the country. Now, as a member of the Arkansas Board of Education, he will help implement the legislation's aggressive, pro-reform policies.

His selection is just the latest of Governor Sanders' conservative appointments to key positions in Arkansas, on the heels from the prior week's appointment of former U.S. Attorney and RPA Chairman Cody Hiland to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Rips California's Gavin Newsom

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State Representative Keith Brooks (R-Little Rock) on Arkansas LEARNS and "Reading Mastery"

Foundation for Government Accountability

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New Arkansas Poll Finds Growing Support for Income Tax Repeal From Key Voters

Opportunity Arkansas| Nic Horton

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Westerman Suggests Cutting Funds for VA Leadership Over Pride Flag Policy

ADG | Alex Thomas

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Blinken Should Resign If He Worked To Discredit Hunter Biden Laptop Story, says AR SoS John Thurston

Fox News | Brooke Singman

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The Facts About "Bidenomics"

Failed "Bidenomics" is destroying the ability of millions of citizens to reach the American Dream.

What you need to know:

  • Inflation has hammered the middle class for 27 months.
  • Prices have risen by 16.6% since Biden took office with Americans still reeling from the lasting effects of inflation.
  • June's Consumer Price Index is more than twice the rate when Biden took office.
  • Core inflation is at an outrageously high 4.8%.
  • Real wages are 3% lower than when Biden took office.
  • Families have paid over $10,000 since Biden took office to afford the same goods under the increased cost of living.
  • The debt levels of American families have skyrocketed
  • Nearly 25 million Americans are behind on their credit cards, auto loans, or personal loans - a number not seen since 2009. 
  • Credit card balances are now at an all-time high
  • According to Bloomberg, middle-class households have lost an average of $33,000 in real wealth in just the last year.
  • On May 12, 2021, gas prices reached $3 according to AAA. They have never dropped below $3 since then.
  • Over 80% view the economy as “negative” and say Biden’s policies have done them no good.

The bottom line:

It will take American families a long time to recover from “Bidenomics.” The main way to make sure they do is to make Biden a one-term president.

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