RPA Weekly Recap | September 18, 2023

Special Legislative Session Adjourns

Last week the Legislature wrapped up the Special Legislative Session. From tax cuts, to additional education reform, and restricting Covid-19 mandates, the session saw more bold, conservative reforms passed that benefit all Arkansans.

You can watch the bill signing ceremony here.

Constitution Day

Yesterday marked 236 years since our Constitution was signed by our Founding Fathers. May we always celebrate and honor the principles that have guided our nation such as individual rights, freedom, and opportunity!

Congressman French Hill (R-AR)

Addresses the Potential Government Shutdown


Full Interview Here

Senate President Bart Hester: More tax cuts, more FOIA changes to come

Roby Brock | Capitol View

Full Interview Here

Republican Rep. Steve Womack said there seems to be enough out there to warrant an impeachment inquiry into President Biden

The Lead | CNN

Full Interview Here

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Arkansas Lawmakers Into Special Session, Announces Brutal Plan Against COVID Lockdowns

Independent Journal Review

Full Article Here

Senator Tom Cotton introduces legislation to raise minimum wage for 'verified Americans"

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Senator John Boozman Honored by Wounded Warrior Project as Legislator of the Year

Full Release Here

Chairman Joseph Wood addressed the Pulaski County Republican Women last week at their monthly meeting.. Attendees were able to hear about the RPA's vision for 2024 and Chairman Wood's plans to grow the RPA.

Bidenomics Is Crushing Americans

Day-to-day life continues to get more expensive under Joe Biden.

What you need to know:

  • The latest Consumer Price Index data shows year-over-year inflation ticked up last month, coming in  higher than expected and remaining more than twice the rate compared to when Biden took office.
  • Prices have risen by 17.4% since Biden took office – with Americans still reeling from the lasting effects of inflation.
  • On a year-over-year basis, inflation under Biden has averaged 6% – more than double the level of inflation seen under any of the last four presidents.
  • Real wages remain lower than when Biden first took office.
  • Inflation-adjusted average hourly wages were $11.39 when Biden took office and are now $11.04, meaning Americans have seen a 3.1% pay cut under Biden.
  • Americans are suffering from the lasting effects of Biden’s historic inflation, with many unable to pay bills, save for retirement, or  afford rent.
  • 61% of Americans report living paycheck-to-paycheck. 
  • 74% of Americans are stressed about their personal finances.
  • 56% of Americans say they’re not on track to comfortably retire.
  • Meanwhile, Biden is expected to continue his record pacing rate of vacations, caring more about his vacation time than the American people.
  • Since taking office, Biden has spent 380 days – 39.9% of his presidency – on vacation.
  • This past month alone, Biden spent 19 days on vacation.

The bottom line:

Americans are in desperate need of economic solutions that Republicans up and down the ballot are ready to deliver.  

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