RPA Weekly Recap | July 31, 2023

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Discuss Biden Border Crisis

Last week Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined Fox and Friends live from Eagle Pass, Texas to discuss Joe Biden's border crisis and what the State of Arkansas is doing to help our neighbors in Texas.

"The fact the Biden administration has failed so miserably at protecting our border is shocking. It’s the reason you are seeing Republican governors step up around the country to help assist the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas National Guard because the federal government is failing, and governors are having to step up. We have Arkansas troops here on the ground assisting and doing a phenomenal job. We had a couple briefings yesterday from our team and the staggering numbers of what is taking place at the southern border is unbelievable. The difference of what is happening right now from when Donald Trump was president is catastrophic. There is a true humanitarian crisis taking place on the southern border.”

— Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Arkansas Federation of Republican Women

Over the weekend new officers, pictured above, were installed for the Arkansas Federation of Republican Women:

Sharon Lloyd, President, Washington County

Jennie Felling, Past President, Faulkner County

Wanda Malone, 1st Vice President, Cleburne County

Jacque Martin, 2nd Vice President, Cleburne County

Nikki Beaver, 3rd Vice President, Washington County

Karyn Maynard, Secretary, Pulaski County

Lorri Justice, Treasurer, Pulaski County

Congressman Rick Crawford Discusses New Novel, Impeachment Proceedings for Joe Biden

Capitol View | Roby Brock

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State Senator Ricky Hill (R-Cabot) on the Value and Dignity of Work

Foundation for Government Accountability

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Lieutenant Governor Leslie Rutledge Discusses Working With State Treasurer Mark Lowery

Capitol View | Roby Brock

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Opinion: CNBC Told Doozy

ADG | Randy Zook

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Trump Backs RNC's "Bank Your Vote" Early, Mail Voting Initiative

Breitbart| Matthew Boyle

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Failed "Bidenomics"

First, Americans struggled under the weight of inflation. Now, surging interest rates. “Bidenomics” keeps costing American families.

What you need to know:

  • Biden's failed economic agenda has fueled inflation for every American.  ​​
  • Prices have risen by 16.6% since Biden took office with Americans still reeling from the lasting effects of inflation.
  • Real wages are 3% lower than when Biden took office.
  • Families have paid over $10,000 since Biden took office to afford the same goods under the increased cost of living.
  • ​​​​​This inflation forced the Fed to raise interest rates. Even Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen confirmed that Biden’s inflationary spending set the stage for higher interest rates.
  • Rate increases affect mortgage payments, car payments, student loans, and unfortunately, much more.
  • Between inflation and rate increases, Americans' finances are being decimated. 
  • 57% of workers report living paycheck-to-paycheck. 
  • The average middle-class household has lost over $33,000 in real wealth in just the past year.
  • Nearly 25 million Americans are behind on their credit cards, auto loans, or personal loans – a number not seen since 2009.
  • Credit card balances are now at an all-time high
  • U.S. average gas prices have been above $3 per gallon for more than 790 days straight.

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