"We can no longer afford to keep women at bay, to keep them 
from the resources that they need to be able to grow food,
to be able  to feed their families, to be able to feed  their communities,
to bring their knowledge  and their leadership to the fore." 
--Grove Harris, Roots of Change
Roots of Change_ Food Sovereignty_ Women_ and Eco-Justice

Premiere and Discussion

Dr. Chantal Line Carpentier
(Chief, New York UNCTAD)
Dr. Azza Karam
speakers from the film 
and audience members

Monday, October 24, 2-4 PM
Church Center at the United Nations
1st Ave and 44th St., NYC

Audience participation is invited
Tea and cookies will be served

Roots of Change  features women's spirited calls to change our global direction. In this visually striking short film, women warn of the current realities and looming threats of food crisis, climate change, and corruption. Women's leadership and ownership in local systems of food production are desperately needed--as is the collaboration of their husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons.
The UN's Sustainable Development Goals were designed to address the root causes of inequality. Both education and financial resources are required to address needs such as clean water and sanitation, nourishing food, and affordable clean energy. But the sustainability goals cannot be met without the full participation of women. T heir effort and knowledge is needed to move forward, to develop diversified agricultural systems that will sustain humanity through the crisis of global climate change.
Through grassroots activism and transformation of global trade, people can work to curb exploitation of people and the planet. Foreign direct investment must be shaped to benefit women and Indigenous people. Additionally, people's rights to commonly held resources such as water and agricultural land must be protected. 
Roots of Change envisions a revolution in values that will result in clean water and nourishing food for all: a global culture in harmony with the environment that values relationships more than things. Only with a radical system shift that liberates the voices and bodies of women can we achieve a future that is healthy, diverse, peaceful, and whole.
Speakers in the film come from the Temple of Understanding's events at the Commission on the Status of Women, the annual forum for advocacy on women's issues at the United Nations.

Your RSVP is appreciated to groveharris@gmail.com

Please forward this invitation using the link at the bottom of this e-mail

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