June/July 2022 Issue
Stratasys Experience Tour
The Stratasys Mobile Showroom is making a stop on July 21st for an event with us. Please join us for a convenient and socially distant way to see 3D printing in action and determine how your organization can benefit from additive applications. In addition to the Experience Stratasys Tour our Service Bureau Showroom will be open to the public, and additional vendors will be on hand.


Do you have a need to outsource some metal work, routing, and / or powder coating.

Metal Shop
Tig (GTAW) welding (Aluminum & Steel .04 - .125)
Mig (GMAW) welding (Steel .06 - .125)
BOSS Laser (.04 - .125 steel / .04 - .06 Aluminum)
Strip-It metal punch (.04 - .06 Aluminum)
Custom metal forming & fabrication (cutting/rolling/ bending/ .06 steel / .06 - .125 Aluminum)
PEMSERTER press (Series 4 )

Powder Coat
Automated conveyer line
Vulcan Catalytic dry & cure ovens (no batch)
Wash tank

CNC Router
Multicam 300 series. Capable of cutting various materials (acrylic, PVC , MDF, Plywood, etc)
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