February/March 2022 Issue
1997 - 2022
Our Annual Meeting this year will take on more significance than previous years. We have now entered the 25th year of RIMA being an advocate for the manufacturing sector. Over the past 5 years, I believe we have seen a resurrection of the voice of manufacturing. We have developed an event schedule that provides networking, workshops that bring information on our sector, the Annual Awards dinner recognizing those companies who have stayed in Rhode Island and supported the growth of manufacturing. Our Association represents small, medium, and large manufacturers. The recent Awards dinner had a diverse participation but the comradery that existed among the manufacturers was so evident in every corner of the room. Together, we drive Rhode Island’s economy. Together, we kept the manufacturers open throughout the start of the pandemic. Together, we are one of the only sectors surpassing pass employment levels. Together, we stand united to support the growth of our sector.
  Thank you to all our sponsors and members for making RIMA a leader in our state. RIMA will stand at the forefront and continue to represent our members on issues that affect our industry, and we will do so by always taking the high road!!!  
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