ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!!  Get out and VOTE!!! Early voting has begun. This is the biggest election we have ever had, not just for Rhode Island but for the Nation! 

There are Five days remaining to get out and vote! You must do your part to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. We must elect and reelect Pro-Liberty, Pro-American and Pro-Constitutional people. 

Important Races for our state:

(Cranston) Speaker Nicholas Mattiello MUST be reelected. He is being challenged by “a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes” Barbara Fenton-Fung. Make no mistake on this one … She is ANTI-GUN !!!!!  She is NOT like her Husband Alan Fung! Do NOT vote for her! 

(Cranston) Robert Schattle, Republican, is challenging one of the worst ANTI-GUN senators we have, Josh Miller. We all remember Senator Miller telling a reporter who asked about his 2nd Amendment stance, to go “F” himself and “F” your second amendment! (It is still on YouTube). Robert Schattle is a Rock Solid second Amendment candidate let’s get him elected!

(Johnston) Nick Grasso, Republican, is challenging Deborah Fellela for her Representative Seat. Nick is another Rock Solid Second Amendment candidate. He has been a tireless advocate for our second amendment rights. Let’s get him elected!

(Congress) Robert Lancia is challenging Jim Langevin for his seat. Langevin has done NOTHING for RI! He should have been voted out a long time ago. It is time for a new Congressman Rhode Island! 

(Congress) Allen Waters, Republican, is challenging Jack Reed for his Seat. Allen is a Rock Solid Second Amendment Candidate and the new voice we need for Rhode Island in Washington!     

We need EVERYONE to get your friends, family and anyone you know to go on to our website and vote for the people on our “We the People” candidate list. Every Vote Counts! YOU MUST VOTE!!!!!
Below there is a link to NRA Endorsements.

Also a list of We The People Endorsements. 
We The people 2020 elections
Let your voice be heard! Stop being a Spectator in Life!! Remember to "Get Involved" these are your Second Amendment Rights at stake.

"All Tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent"

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