October, 2020 Edition (REVISED)
Who said it: William Shakespeare or Justin Bieber?
by Sarah Marsh of The Guardian
Submitted by (Elisabeth Westphal)
ITA Creative Drama Division Representative

What do Justin Bieber and Shakespeare have in common? Find out if your students can tell the difference between Justin's lyrics and Shakespeare's writings! This very funny test will challenge your students!
Announcing FREE PLAY: Open Source Scripts Toward an Antiracist Tomorrow
from TYA Today Magazine
Submitted by Cassandra Quinn
ITA Theatre for Young Audiences Division Representative

Made possible through TYA/USA "Award-winning playwright, poet, and changemaker Idris Goodwin has launched five short plays to spark conversation and serve as a catalyst for action" towards an antiracist tomorrow meant for young audiences and are free-use if used following guidelines.
AACT Covid-19 Response Tool Kit
from the American Association of Community Theatre
Submitted by Don Shandrow
ITA Community Theatre Division Representative

With questions regarding Covid-19 still at the forefront of any Community Theatre through the rest of 2020 and heading into 2021, the concern becomes where do we find the tools necessary for making informed decisions? The Illinois Theatre Association is the state representative for the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT). In that role, one of our tasks has been holding the biennial state community theatre festival. In these times, as a member of this national organization of community theatres, the ITA feels it is necessary to point our member community theatres to a tool kit of resources that AACT has assembled. Some of these tools require membership in AACT; however, the critical resources are available to anyone involved in community theater. Following is a link that will take you to resources that include Covid-19 safety, non-profit resources, streaming rights, streaming ideas, etc. This link leads to an abundance of useful information and assistance that the ITA wants to ensure our community theatres members can access.
A Monologue Should Serve You
Selecting a piece that showcases your best qualities
by Cristina Duarte
Submitted by Patrick Spreadbury
ITA Secondary School Theatre Division Representative

With all of the uncertainty about when live audiences can resume and how actors can safely perform together, it might be worth revisiting monologues. In an article published in August, 2020, Christina Duarte explores how ‘A Monologue Should Serve You.’ The article encourages, "The idea is to find a monologue that serves you, your personality, and your talents.”  
14 Chicago theatre artists share the changes they want to see a more inclusive Chicago theatre
by Hannah Herrera Greenspan of The Chicago Tribune
Submitted by Gaby Labotka
ITA Professional Theatre Division Representative

While we are experiencing this extended "Intermission" in the professional theatre world, local theatre makers reflect on changes we could be making and working on during this time so that when our work returns, the companies that produce it will be prepared to create work that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive.
Disability, Identity and Representation
by Andrea Kovich of Howlround Theatre Commons
Submitted by Gaby Labotka
ITA Professional Theatre Division Representative

Although the previous article highlights interviews of people from a variety of perspectives, most notably absent are the perspectives of artists with disabilities. I invite my fellow ITA members to reflect on this exclusion and how we can continue to investigate and challenge our biases and how they are reflected in our work. To supplement, I am sharing this 2019 Howlround Theatre Commons essay by Andrea Kovich entitled Disability, Identity and Representation.
Developing Trans Roles for the Theatre
by Regina Victor of American Theatre Magazine
Submitted by Gaby Labotka
ITA Professional Theatre Division Representative

Transgender representation in theatre and media at large is slowly but noticeably increasing. As we appear on more stages and TV screens, trans performers are often being asked to develop characters, originate characters, or reimagine existing roles.
Racism in the Theatre
by Taylor Leigh Lamb from Theatre & Design Technology Magazine
Submitted by Rick Arnold
ITA College Theatre Division Representative

For some time, Black theatre artists have fought prejudice and helped ensure diversity and inclusion in the theatre ranks. Now it’s time for white theatre professionals to join the fight. We’re living in unprecedented times. Things that we were told were impossible are entirely possible and happening before our eyes. No, I don’t mean the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m referring to the fact that America is dealing with its racism.
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