Life Science Nation Newsletter  | August 3,  2017  |  Issue 225

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Life Science Investor Mandates (July 27  - Aug. 2)
Focuses on Early Stage Therapeutics
Launches Strategic Fund to Invest in Disruptive Health Technologies
Invests Early in Therapeutics and Research Tools
Focuses on Preclinical Stage Treatments for Aging and Age Relate Diseases
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By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH, Director of Research & Asia Business Development Liaison, LSN

An increasing number of Chinese biopharma companies are entering the global stage and changing the dynamics in life science innovations. In 2016, Simcere Pharma made a splash by hosting a life sciences startup competition across East and West coast. This year, not long after Qilu Pharma launched its 25,000 square-feet incubator in Brighton, Luye Pharma also opened its new Boston R&D Center.

At RESI Boston, entrepreneurs are invited to the China Strategic Partners Panel to learn about where market opportunities and challenges are, and how to collaborate with Chinese corporations. The speakers include:
  • Larry Cai, Head of Business Development New England, Qilu Pharmaceutical
  • Weimin Tang, Interim CEO, Hengrui Therapeutics
  • Sean Fu, President, Luye Boston R&D Center, Luye Pharma
  • Joyce Pei, Executive Director, Simcere Pharmaceutical
  • Yuan-Hua Ding, Senior Director and Head of External R&D Innovation - Asia, Pfizer, Inc.
How is Your Fundraising Campaign Shaping Up? Get Expert Consultation from LSN for Free
By Matthew Tosch, Vice President of Sales, LSN
Direct: 617-681-7891 Email:

As any fundraising executive can attest, raising money for their start-up is an arduous process that requires steadfast perseverance. Even with full-time dedication to the task, many companies fall short. It is not for a lack of effort on their part- Life Science Nation has worked with hundreds of executives to help them set themselves up for success. For a limited time, LSN is offering any interested fundraising companies a free consultation on their current fundraising efforts. Topics that we will cover include:
  • Best practices for your branding to generate a clear, concise, and investor-centric message
  • Identification a "Global Target List" of investors that match your technology and your stage of development
  • Setting up your internal infrastructure;
  • Explaining why utilizing an administrator or hiring someone on an hourly basis to manage your meeting requests and to follow up with any investor leads is pivotal to your success.
LSN has a few RESI conferences coming up and I personally would like to help you get ready to take advantage of RESI and meet investors and strategic partners...

By Jess Rabourn, President, WideTrial

2017 may go down as the "Year of Expanded Access". Expanded Access Programs (EAPs) are FDA authorized clinical trials for patients who cannot get into regular clinical trials. The mechanism was created in 1987 to permit seriously ill patients and their doctors to explore new possible treatments that are in clinical development but not yet approved for market. And now, after 30 years of practice, there are major opportunities to use relatively inexpensive EAPs to strengthen clinical drug development in the toughest diseases.

This year, the Trump administration -including HHS and FDA leadership- plus several elected officials on Capitol Hill, have called for greater power for gravely ill Americans and their doctors to consider pre-approval therapeutics. Drug and device makers around the country are already scrambling to comply with special measures in the new 21stst Century Cures Act which require companies to publicize their early-access policies. Additional early-access legislation may find its way into the FDA Reauthorization Act before Summer's end...