The New Moon
April 24, 2023 | Vol. 20, No. 2
Los Angeles-based Melody HyunJeong Sim (right), and her 2022 ACTA Apprentice in Korean Pansori music, Juli Jiyoung Kang, pose after a lesson at Switzer Falls in the Angeles National Forest. Photo: J. Jameson and C. Merchant/ACTA.

Apply Now for the 2023 Apprenticeship Program

Now offering $5,000 contracts! Due: MAY 3

The Apprenticeship Program encourages the continuity of the state’s thriving traditional arts and cultures by contracting California-based mentor artists to offer intensive, one-on-one training training to eligible apprentices.

Each $5,000 contract will support a period of concentrated learning, from 6 months to a year, for apprentices who demonstrate a committed engagement with, and a talent for, a specific traditional art form or cultural practice.

The 2023 cycle will support activities taking place between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.

Submit your application online by May 3, 2023!
Applications are available in English and in Spanish.

View program guidelines and watch the info session at the link below.
The Apprenticeship Program is generously supported by ArtPlace San Joaquin Valley, the Walter & Elise Haas Fund, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts,
and the Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation. 
El maestro artista de la tradición musical y de danza "Marinera Limeña", Pierr Padilla, y su esposa
y aprendiz, Carmen Román, el 6 de febrero de 2020 en Oakland, CA. Foto: J. Carrillo/ACTA
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Solicite ahora el Programa de Aprendices de 2023

¡Ahora ofrecemos contratos de $5,000!
Fecha límite: 3 DE MAYO

El Programa de Aprendices fomenta la continuidad de las prósperas artes y culturas tradicionales del estado mediante la contratación de artistas mentores con sede en California para ofrecer capacitación intensiva e individual a los aprendices elegibles.

Cada contrato de $5,000 respaldará un período de aprendizaje concentrado, de 6 meses a un año, para los aprendices que demuestren un compromiso a y un talento para una forma de arte tradicional o práctica cultural específica.

El ciclo 2023 apoyará actividades que se realicen entre el 1 de julio de 2023 y el 30 de junio de 2024.

¡Envíe su solicitud en línea para el 3 de mayo de 2023!
Las solicitudes están disponibles en español y en inglés.

Vea las pautas del programa y mire la sesión de información en el siguiente enlace.
El Programa de Aprendices está financiada por de ArtPlace San Joaquin Valley, el Fondo Walter
& Elise Haas, la Fundación William and Flora Hewlett, el Fondo Nacional para las
Artes y la Fundación Maxwell/Hanrahan.
A 2008 Living Cultures grant supported the preparation, practice, and implementation of the Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians' traditional songs and dances by their then newly-formed dance group. Photo: Lily Kharrazi/ACTA.
The 2023 Living Cultures Grant
Opens May 5th!

Offering Grants to Organizations and Individual Artists Statewide

The Living Cultures Grant seeks to sustain and strengthen traditional arts in the state of California with $5,000 grants to individual artists/culture bearers and $12,500 grants to California-based nonprofits and Tribal Nations, as well as other organizations and community groups who work with fiscal sponsors.

Through this grant program, ACTA supports nurturing cultural continuity, sustaining cultural practices, and engaging our own communities and others through public programs. Projects involving any genre of traditional art—including but not limited to dance, music, foodways, material arts, and oral traditions—are welcome.

Key Dates
Application Opens: May 5, 2023
Application Closes: July 3, 2023
Info Session: Thursday, May 11 @ 4:00 pm PST on Zoom
(Bilingual in English and Spanish.)

We’ll be announcing in person info sessions across the state very soon! Please stay tuned.
The Living Cultures Grant is Funded by the California Arts Council, a state agency, with additional support from William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Walter & Elise Haas Fund
Yenedit Valencia baila el Jarabe Mixteco en un evento de la comunidad indígena Oaxaqueña de Madera en 2017. Foto: C. Murrillo/ACTA.
La Beca Culturas Vivas 2023
abre en 5 de mayo!

Ofreciendo becas para organizaciones y artistas individuales a nivel estatal

La Beca Culturas Vivas busca sostener y fortalecer las artes tradicionales en el estado de California con becas de $5,000 para artistas individuales/portadores de cultura y becas de $12,500 para organizaciones sin fines de lucro y naciones tribales con sede en California, así como otras organizaciones y grupos comunitarios que trabajan con patrocinadores fiscales

A través de este programa de becas, ACTA apoya el fomento de la continuidad cultural, el mantenimiento de prácticas culturales y la participación de nuestras propias comunidades y otras a través de programas públicos. Son bienvenidos los proyectos que involucren cualquier género de arte tradicional, incluidos, entre otros, la danza, la música, las prácticas alimenticias, las artes materiales y las tradiciones orales.

Fechas claves
→ Apertura de la solicitud: 5 de mayo de 2023
→ Cierre de la solicitud: 3 de julio de 2023
→ Sesión informativa: jueves 11 de mayo a las 4:00 p. m. PST en Zoom
(Bilingüe en inglés y español.)

¡Estaremos anunciando sesiones informativas presenciales a través del estado muy pronto! ¡Manténgase en sintonía! 
La Beca Culturas Vivas está financiada por el Consejo de las Artes de California, una agencia estatal, con apoyo adicional de la Fundación William and Flora Hewlett y
el Fondo Walter & Elise Haas.
In Case You Missed It...
Bud Lane III and Cheryl Lane (Siletz) pose with a pack basket and baby carrier woven by Bud Lane using hazel sticks and spruce roots. Photo: David Cournoyer/ First Peoples Fund.
Tending the Taproot: 
Opportunities to Support Folk & Traditional Arts in the United States

A new publication of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts, researched and written by Amy Kitchener, M.A., Shweta Saraswat-Sullivan, Ph.D., and Lily Kharrazi, M.A.

Tending the Taproot: Opportunities to Support Folk & Traditional Arts in the United States presents the findings of the Alliance of California Traditional Arts’ (ACTA) Taproot Initiative. This national planning effort, aimed to re-center traditional and folk artists and their art forms as catalysts for transformation and restoration in our larger society, is aligned with other important movements in the arts and culture sector to spur critical thinking and action during this hallmark moment of radical change.
Wanting to learn Mexican folk dance?
Looking to purchase Korean bojagi textiles?

Try the California Traditional Artists Plaza

A new, free resource for artists and the public
to Learn, Hire, and Engage.

ACTA's California Traditional Artists Plaza facilitates engagement with artists by foregrounding work-for-hire opportunities that will positively impact the livelihoods of traditional artists. During the Covid-19 pandemic, ACTA saw a need to build out a new tool to increase opportunities not just for sharing information, but for hiring traditional artists for both remote and in-person engagements, recognizing their work as critical to the economic recovery of the California arts sector.

The California Traditional Artists Plaza creates a new, centralized space for traditional artists to advertise their work and create new connections online.

Submit a profile today, or browse the artists' dynamic offerings, from remote lessons, to consultations, to handmade visual arts and crafts. 
2007 Apprenticeship mentor artist Leanne Mounvongkham and apprentice Kami Thephavong in Northern Lao Weaving and Foodways, Fresno. Photo: Sherwood Chen/ACTA.
Featured Opportunities__________________
There are so many new grant programs available for individual artists in LA County! Join the LA County Dept. of Arts & Culture for a webinar on 4/26/23 from 2:30 – 4:00 pm to learn more about these opportunities for individual artists of all disciplines. You’ll hear information about each program, including guidelines, eligibility requirements, where to apply, deadlines and tips on submitting strong proposals.

The Creative Work Fund invites artists and nonprofit organizations to apply for grants to create art works through collaborations. In October 2023, CWF will award approximately $650,000 in grants to Bay Area nonprofit organizations and collaborating artists. All genres invited. Grants will range from $20,000 to $50,000. Submission Deadline for Letters of Inquiry: May 8 @ 11:59 pm
ACTA promotes and supports ways for cultural traditions to thrive now and into the future by providing advocacy, resources, and connections for folk and traditional artists and their communities.