Modernize your I/A Series Niagara JACE Hardware to Niagara4 at a discount!! 

It is important to act now! On July 1, 2023, Tridium will no longer provide any G3/AX licensing. This means you will no longer be able to make any changes to existing G3/AX licenses. This includes:

  • Replacing a license
  • Downloading or emailing a license file
  • Opening the NiCS or moving a license to another organization

Leverage the advanced capabilities of the JACE-8000


Don't Get Left Behind

 Act now and remove the risk associated with old, unsupported Tridium hardware and software

 You'll have access to the newest features and can benefit from improved energy efficiency

Schneider Electric, in partnership with Tridium, Program Discount Offers

Discount on the list price of core Niagara 4 software when you upgrade your JACE

This program is offering a 5-year SMA for the price of the initial 18-month SMA

Key Features 

  • Modular hardware design for fast and easy installation
  • Expansion Capable
  • Native WI-FI
  • Standard open drivers
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