Council Member
Ydanis Rodriguez
Tuesday, April 12th, 2016
**For Immediate Release**
Contact: (CM Rodriguez) Russell Murphy - (917) 584-9574 /
  (Lyft) Mary Caroline Pruitt - (817) 229-8193 /

Lyft to Offer Discounts on Signature Rideshare Service During Earth Week, Leading up to #CarFreeNYC Earth Day

New York, NY - Today, Lyft and Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, Chair of the NYC Transportation Committee announced a promotion to support New Yorkers looking to leave their cars at home on Earth Day, in support of the #CarFreeNYC initiative the council member put forward earlier this year. Lyft will offer discounts for their Lyft Line service, encouraging New Yorkers to share the route with other going the same way, making rides more affordable and efficient.

"Lyft is thrilled to partner with Car Free Day and celebrate Earth Day in NYC to promote more sustainable, efficient transportation options like Lyft Line. To show our support, we'll be promoting Lyft Line discounts the whole week, making Line rides even more affordable for New Yorkers. With shared ride options like Lyft Line, we've made significant progress towards our vision of filling empty seats in cars, and ultimately lowering the need for car ownership in New York City. We're proud to join Council Member Rodriguez and the New York City Council in promoting options that make it easier than ever to live in New York without owning a car," said Emily Castor, Director of Transportation Policy at Lyft.

"I am excited that Lyft is committing to our goal of drastically reducing car usage in New York City on Earth Day," said NYC Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez. "Single occupancy cars take up excessive amounts of space and add harmful emissions when commuters could easily consolidate and carpool with options like those provided by Lyft. By making this option even more accessible to riders during Earth Week and throughout #CarFreeNYC, commuters otherwise reliant upon their cars can take part too."

#CarFreeNYC is an initiative presented by Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, alongside citywide non-profits, companies and advocacy organizations, aimed at reducing single occupancy car usage on Earth Day. The initiative has received widespread support from city elected officials and institutions, eager to envision a city less reliant upon personal car usage. Following the lead of other major international cities such as Paris, the initiative encourages New Yorkers to choose other means of transit than their personal vehicles, given the bountiful array of options available throughout the five boroughs. #CarFreeNYC will take place on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2016. This is the inaugural Car Free Day in NYC, a pilot that will be expanded in coming years.