June 9, 2020
Boredom Busters
Not sure what to do at home all day? We've come up with several activities to keep you and your family active and entertained! From simple at home exercises to getting creative in the kitchen, these activities will be fun for everyone. If you have recipes, activities or tips to share, email us at recreation@townofpalmbeach.com
Phase 1 reopening has started at the Mandel Recreation Center, Palm Beach Par 3, Phipps Ocean Park and Seaview Park Tennis Centers, and Seaview Park. For details on the phased reopening, click here:   Reopening Plan with Phase 1 Guidelines as of June 6.

Seaview and Phipps Ocean Park Tennis Centers : Singles and doubles play while following CDC guidelines. Reservation Line active from 12:00 pm-12:30 pm: Seaview Park Tennis Center 561-227-7081 or Phipps Ocean Park tennis center: 561-227-7082. The main line for Seaview Park is 561-838-5404 and Phipps Ocean Park is 561-227-6450 to book lessons or courts outside the normal reservation times.

Palm Beach Par 3: Walking, single rider golf cart, or shared cart for families living in the same household; practice range and greens now open with limitations while following CDC guidelines. Get a tee time online at golfontheocean.com or call the pro shop at 561-547-0598.

Fitness Center: Residents only: by Appointment, call 561-227-6363.

Al Fresco Restaurant: Open with limited capacity, call 561-273-4130 for reservations.

Mandel Recreation Center: Game room and Snack bar remain CLOSED. Fieldhouse is open for half-court basketball and pickleball reservations. Call 561-838-5485 for details or to make reservations. Payment is due at the time reservation is made.

Seaview Park: Playground CLOSED, basketball court is open (groups of 10 or fewer), bring your own equipment.

Town Marina: CLOSED- Under Construction. For information on reserving a slip for fall 2021 please call the Dock Master at 561-838-5463.

Updates will also be posted on our website: www.palmbeachrecreation.com
Are the kids getting a little restless? Take a few minutes throughout the day to get them moving.
Duck, Duck, Splash

This game is similar to Duck Duck Goose. Everyone sits in a circle. Choose an "IT" to start the game. 'It' has a cup of water. He/She walks around saying duck, duck, duck, while splashing a little water on each head as he/she walks by. When he/she gets to the person they want to tag, they yell, "Splash!" and dump the rest of the water from the cup onto that player's head. That player has to chase "it" around the circle to try and beat them back to their spot or else they are the new 'it'.
Net Generation's & USTA Tennis Skills and Drills

Don't have access to a tennis court or net? Check out our links below to practice your skills with these fun at home drills. New drills added each time.

Active Adults: Mind, Body & Soul
Tips for Exercising Outdoors
Outdoor exercise can be enjoyable and productive, and following these simple guidelines can enhance your chances of being safe, responsible and prepared.

1. Dress for the weather
If it is hot and humid, wear lighter-colored clothes with less weight and moisture-wicking ability. This keeps you cooler. If it is colder, particularly cold and wet, wear three layers. The clothing closest to your skin should be able to wick moisture away from your body so you don’t feel sweaty. Your middle layer should include insulation, whether wool, down or fleece. The third, and final outer layer should be clothing that is water- and wind-resistant.

2. Be visible to drivers
In general, choose light-colored clothes, preferably reflective. Drivers, especially people behind the wheels of SUVs or large trucks, may have difficulty seeing you at all hours. Pedestrians are most often hit when cars turn corners or a traffic light changes.

3. Wear the right shoes
Hiking boots should be sturdy with a strong tread to prevent ankle injuries and falls. Running or walking shoes should be made for these purposes and have a comfortable fit.

4. Travel light
Slather on the sun block and spray the bug repellent before you leave rather than bringing these with you. Put any emergency money, keys and identification in a pocket or small pack so your hands are free. Carry a cell phone in case of injury or danger.

5. Turn down the headphones
If you use headphones while exercising, keep the volume low enough so you can hear what’s going on around you.

6. Watch for dogs
Even chained or fenced dogs may try to defend their territory, and they may attack if they feel provoked. Maintain a cautious distance.

7. Vary your schedule
If you work out regularly, you may want to vary your exercise schedule. Consider varying the days of the week, times you go and trails you take as safety precautions.

8. Choose well-traveled paths
Stay away from less-traveled areas. Also, as you encounter people, use correct posture and make direct eye contact; these show confidence to deter safety issues. Watch in all directions, especially behind you.

9. Let people know where you are
Check in with a friend, family member or neighbor. Tell them where you are going and for how long, and then check back with them at a specific time. If you can’t exercise with someone else, the regular check-in may save you from a dangerous circumstance going unknown.

Naan Strawberry, Chicken, and Avocado Pizza

Top your naan pizza crust with these fresh ingredients for a delightful summer treat.

No Bake Summer Berry Ice Box Cake

Nothing better than a cool, refreshing dessert on a hot summers day!

Kids Corner
Book Nook

Join celebrities as they read children’s stories and present discussions and crafts at

Coloring Sheets and Art Projects
Floating Dry Erase Water Experiment
Coloring Page
Dry Erase Markers

Water (It doesn’t have to be hot or cold, just regular water.)

Glass/Ceramic Plate
Straw (this is optional).

Draw a design/shapes onto a glass/ceramic plate.
Then pour water onto the plate slowly.
Watch as the design/shapes magically start to float upwards.
Use a straw (optional) to blow wind around the water so that the rainbows/shapes get carried by the wind.
Artful Adults
Coloring Pages
Giant Yarn Blanket
Youth Games

Adult Games
Sit back and stretch your mind as you work your way through these fun brain games.

The Virtual World
Zoos and Aquariums 
South Florida Science Center & Aquarium Live and Virtual Programs

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society: Follow the Animals on Facebook

The Cincinnati Zoo: Facebook Live Feed Check in around 3 p.m.

Atlanta Zoo: "Panda Cam" live-stream

Georgia Aquarium: A quarium's Live Cam.

Houston Zoo: L ive Cam,

The Shedd Aquarium: Facebook.

San Diego Zoo: Live Cam

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Monterey Bay's Habitat Exhibit.

National Aquarium: F loor-By-Floor Tour
Museums and Exhibits
Travel plans interrupted? Local museums and exhibits closed? Why not sit back, relax and "visit" a museum or exhibit by going on a virtual tour in the comfort of your own home.

Community Resources
Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus | Child Mind Institute

What parents and other adults can say to kids about the coronavirus COVID-19. How to answer their questions and keep kids feeling safe.

The Mandel Recreation Center and Town Marina are closed until further notice however, we are operating the Palm Beach Par 3 and the Seaview Park and Phipps Ocean Park Tennis Centers under Phase 1 Reopening guidelines. Please check our website at www.palmbeachrecreation.com for updates.