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Legitimizing Motherhood as an Integral Part of a Woman's Career and Wellness Journey

Reclaiming Summer

"Some of the Best Memories are Made in Flip Flops"

author Kellie Elmore 

Take a moment and think back to one favorite childhood summer memory. Consider copying this exercise and write out what comes to mind.

Who were you with?_________

What were you doing?_________

Where were you? __________

Who was prioritizing you and making you feel special? 

Were you unscheduled?__________

Were you free to imagine and roam and play? _________

Were you just being? _________

Were you reading, swimming, playing? __________

Were you unpressured and unstressed? ______

Were you accepted just as you are?__________

Picture an image of this day______

Get in touch with the emotions you felt _______

Where does the feeling show up for you in your body?

Give this back to yourself. It still belongs to you.

You can create this type of summer feeling for you and your family. Start with you. Put away the cell phones and the screens. The sun and the sand await your visit. Remember who you are, your essence, your bright light, just being YOU.

Think of a Word or a Phrase that captures the essence of your special summer memory and hold it close. It's yours to grab. Always and forever.


Work Like a Mother Takes Flight!

to The National Career Development Global Conference in San Diego, California and We are Training the Trainer in The Work Like a Mother® Counseling Method.

June 25-28, 2024.


This year’s conference theme is Mental Health and I am delighted to be invited to train professionals in a fully enrolled Professional Development Institute, teaching how to incorporate the Work Like a Mother Counseling Method into counselor’s practice in a 4-hour training program.

LAUNCHING SOUL FULL: THE HAPPINESS CAREER PROJECT Presenting a Conference Presentation: Soul Full the Happiness Career Project at the NCDA Global Conference. The Happiness Career Project, geared toward supporting college students, graduates and young professionals and sharing copies of my new workbook supporting this 8 Module Program promoting mental health and career fulfillment.

EXHIBITING AND SETTING UP SHOP AT NCDA – I will also be setting up a Work Like a Mother store, exhibiting and selling both of my interactive workbooks, Work Like a Mother: Rewriting the Script for a Mother’s Career Journey and Soul Full: The Happiness Career Project – and excited to enable professionals and clients anywhere around the globe to benefit from using these powerful interactive and tools promoting career fulfillment and mental health. The books are user-friendly and transformative.


We are also launching at the NCDA Conference a New Initiative, Soul Full: Happiness Career Project for College Students, Graduates and Young Professionals

and now there is a new

and Wonderful, Easy to Use Workbook for Your Young Adult Children to Promote Career Success and Mental Health. Here is the scoop below

Hand drawing Happiness diagram concept with black marker on transparent wipe board isolated on white background.

Sharing the Philosophy of Soul Full : The Happiness Career Project for College Students, Graduates and Young Professionals

Soul Full: The Happiness Career Project program is an 8-module workbook intersecting themes of holistic professional growth, emotional resilience building, compassionate self care and daily CBT strategies.

It leads to career identity development while nurturing, wellbeing and fulfillment in life. The results of this fosters self compassion,self-acceptance, resilience, confidence, relevance, creativity, passion and growth.

The happiness project is based on the assumption that when students and young professionals are mentally healthy, they have full access to their gifts and strengths, resulting in the confidence and courage that is needed to pursue healthy lives and professional success.

  • Module 1 - Who am I? Access Your Vitality with Self-Compassion and Self- Acceptance

  • Module 2 - You are Enough! Tackle Your Limiting Beliefs & Self-Doubts and Quiet Your Inner Critic

  • Module 3 - Dare to Be Remarkable! Make Your Impact Living a Mission Driven Life and Career

  • Module 4 - The Power of Connection. Access Your Authentic Self with Lifestyle Mapping

  • Module 5 - Clarify Your Ideal Career From the Inside Out & From the Realities of the Marketplace

  • Module 6 - Become It! Professional Mapping to Build Your Network, Your Courage, Competence, and Confidence

  • Module 7 - Conveying Your Value Leads to Confidence and Courage

  • Module 8 - Tap into Your Creativity to Unveil Your Ideal Self to Access Your Innovative Spirit

Soul Full Work Book is now available for purchase for $18.00 – Get your ebook copy today at www.worklikeamother.com

Printed Workbooks Will be Available July 15th. Email Hilary if you wish to purchase a printed book (in the process of publishing on Amazon).

There a Limited number of printed books which are available beginning July 1st. If interested email Hilary@worklikeamother.com.

Incredibly beautiful spring landscape with rows of tulips in the holland at sunrise

Quieting Anxiety and Replacing it with Inner Calm, Peace, and Joy through the lens of Disney's Inside Out 1 and 2

"Perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take is

to be seen as we really are”

- Cinderella--

(no worries- there are no spoilers from Inside Out 2)

Happiness is “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.” While positive emotions such as joy are certainly part of the recipe for happiness, they are importantly not the whole story.

I am in awe of the brilliance of the characters of Disney's Inside Out 1 and 2.

I am a huge disney fan and embarked on an annual pilgrimage to Disney World with my husband and 4 children every year for 25 years for our vacation. We love Disney ( my husband well not as much...)Yes, I am one of those people who found joy and rejuvenation, childlike awe and calm at Disney.

I had the opportunity to speak professionally at a national conference held at Disneyland in California in 2022 about promoting Mental Health through the teachings of Disney. Hmmmm - you may be rolling your eyes wondering how on earth the craziness of disney promotes mental health.

I get it. Let us zero in on the movie Inside Out1 and Inside Out 2 which have a lot to teach us about promoting mental health and vitality in ourselves and our children. Here are some of the takeaways for me:

What creates a happy life?

Here are a few tips from the wisdom of Inside Out 1 and 2

1.Happiness is not just about joy; feeling a full range of varied emotions elicits more detailed information about a situation, leading to better behavioral choices

2.Don’t try to force happiness; Prioritize positivity. “Acting as if” or carving out time in life intentionally for experiences we enjoy while not avoiding or denying our negative emotions

3.Sadness is vital to our wellbeing; it promotes empathy rather then forcing a positive spin on everything authentically. Having compassion for ourself for feeling sad is a practice and knowing this is a temporary emotional experience - not a trait.

4.Mindfully embrace—rather then suppress—tough emotions. Learn how to process anger and fear to provide insight as to to how we connect with others, avoid danger or recover from loss.

And Finally.....Mindfully embracing emotions by observing an emotion without judging it as the right or wrong way to feel in a situation, creating space to choose a healthy response is a skill to practice. Self compassion and positive self talk, talking with a friend, taking a walk, listening to music and exercise help to move us out of the grip of negative emotion.


Why is Work Like a Mother

so important for girls and women ?

What is at the foundation of the multi-disciplinary theoretical framework that influences Work Like a Mother® a women-centric counseling method that has supported over 3500 women to heal from self-loss, reclaim their vitality, and confidence and fulfill their potential while parenting?  

How We Replace an Obsolete Narrative

It is time to integrate motherhood as a legitimate aspect of a woman’s career journey. Traditional career development and counseling theories, grounded through the lens of men’s life experience over 60 years ago, yield little success or relevance with mothers who, regardless of prior education and career success, lose access to confidence, skills, and competencies when they lack foresight and strategy to leave their career to raise children.

Unaddressed, the sacrifices of motherhood can result in a mental health crisis potentially lasting decades. Loss of confidence and identity combined with obsolete skills and changing technology leaves otherwise happy, capable, and competent women feeling hopeless, unfulfilled, dependent and without meaningful purpose in their life outside of parenting. 

Whether home for two years or 20, this counseling framework empowers mothers with a daily living model that honors who they are intellectually and educationally upon entering motherhood and provides an attainable roadmap to daily evidence of her competence, confidence, and full essence. 

The Data Tells the Story - 240 Women's Responses to a Survey

Naming A Silent Struggle- Women Reported the Following:

  • 88% reported no formal workplace discussions with colleagues, bosses or HR for decision-making strategy
  • 94% reported that no doctors during pregnancy discussed the pros /cons of leaving their career
  • 84% reported that no family, spouses or friends at any time discussed strategies for creating flexible options while parenting
  • 53% would have made different educational and career choices to enable flexible career options
  • 49% reported modeling their inner essence & authentic voice
  • 91% wished they were intentionally positioned for career options as mothers
  • 87% plan to talk with their  children sharing foresight regarding career and personal vitality during motherhood

The Work Like a Mother® Counseling Model is a

multi-disciplinary theoretical construct with contributions from:

  • Humanistic Counseling - Carl Rogers
  • Non-Violent Communication - Marshall Rosenberg
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Th.- Albert Ellis
  • Logotherapy Pursuit of Meaning - Viktor Frankel
  • Study of Moral Reasoning - Kohlberg, Gilligan
  • Jungian Psychology - Katharine Briggs, Isabel Meyers
  • Career Development Theories -Donald Super, John Holland
  • Positive Psychology - Martin Seligman
  • Transition Theory - Nancy Schlossberg
  • In a Different Voice - Carol Gilligan 
  • Psychology of Success - Carol Dweck
  • Women’s Development - Mary Belenky
  • The Feminine Mystique - Betty Friedan
  • EMDR Theory- Francine Shapiro


Want to Learn More or Experience Firsthand the Work Like a Mother Method?

Prioritize You! Completing this workbook, signing up for a course, or scheduling a counseling session is a perfect summer activity! Reach me at hilary@worklikeamother.com

Get your copy of the Work Like a Mother Workbook Here!

Buy on Amazon - https://amzn.to/4awCAdV

Buy On Barnes & Noble - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/book/1144446637



Have a Great Summer!

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