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2024/2025 Apprenticeship Program will start taking applications July 8th.

RACCA's highly successful & respected Apprenticeship Program continues to provide needed industry training.

HVACR contractors that are looking for formal training for an outstanding employee should consider this economical and proven program. Your employee is indentured into a four year program registered with Florida's Department of Education under standards set by the U.S. Department of Labor.

We have 2 Apprenticeship programs:

• Residential/Light Commercial HVAC Installer/Servicer

• Commercial Refrigeration Mechanic

Contractor firms pay the tuition and book cost for their Apprentices. Costs per Apprentice is $850.00 per year. Firms that are members of RACCA receive a discount of $175.00.

Apprentices attend class 2 nights per week while they work full-time for their employer during the day. No evening classes are held during the busy summer months.

Classes meet either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Classes are conducted at Pinellas Technical College, located near the St. Pete/ Clearwater Airport.

We will begin accepting applications for the 2024/2025 Programs starting July 8th, 2024.

Applications can be found on RACCA's Website Click onto the Apprenticeship tab at the top of RACCA's Website and you will find where you can down load an application.

For more information, contact Keane Bismarck

at 813-253-9859 or by email at

Note : No applications will be taken before July 8th.

Note: Keane Bismarck picture was supplied by ACprosite.

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A Great Example of taking advantage of RACCA's Apprenticeship as well as giving back!!!

“I graduated from the Apprenticeship program in 1999. My education has helped me enjoy a successful career in the HVACR trade. I am now a 3rd year instructor helping prepare our next generation of skilled workers.”


Instructor RACCA Apprenticeship

Note: Jason Saylor quote was taken from RACCA's Website.

Message from FRACCA President Will Barnes

FRACCA, the Florida Refrigeration Air Conditioning Contractors Association represents the state of Florida in the HVACR Industry. There are several items that the state focuses on, legislative issues and making sure that we have a voice in Tallahassee is a top priority, however the apprenticeship programs are #1 as this drives our industry for the future.

Why is apprenticeship so important:

For the Employer:

  • 3/4-year term = long term employee
  • Your service manager is not the trainer.
  • CPR/First aid, EPA, HVAC excellence air conditioning, HVAC heat pump, HVAC electrical
  • Valuable relationship with the employee = Invaluable!
  • Fees paid by employer show the investment in employee = Loyalty!
  • Educational value you can offer a prospective employee to further their career.

For the Apprentice:

  • On the job training
  • 3/4 year = job stability
  • Growing with the company
  • CPR/First aid, EPA, HVAC excellence air conditioning, HVAC heat pump, HVAC electrical
  • Building valuable relationships with employers.
  • Fees paid by employer.
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The RACCA Apprenticeship Difference

I would encourage you to reach out to Keane Bismarck (RACCA's Apprenticeship Administrator) if you are not currently taking advantage of RACCA's Apprenticeship.

RACCA's Apprenticeship is hands on as well as learning from books and theory. Most of RACCA's Apprenticeship Instructors are from the field and have practical experience in the field to share with the Apprentices.

RACCA's Apprenticeship was setup by HVACR Contractors and HVACR Contractors sit on the Committee to guide the Apprenticeship Program. A Great Example of this is you can send your employees Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Note: You don't need to send your whole crew one set of nights but divide them up and send one group to Monday/Wednesday and one group to Tuesday/Thursday.

RACCA is a Not for Profit Association: This allows member contractors to enroll apprentices for only $675 per student ($850 per student for non-members). Apprentices must be sponsored, their employer must pay the tuition and purchase the course book. Build strong relationships and loyalty with your employees by investing in their futures. And benefit from increased efficiency and productivity at the same time!

Keane Bismarck can be reached at:

Phone/Cell 813-253-9859 or by email at

P.S. You do not have to be a RACCA Member to send your Employees to RACCA's Apprenticeship Program.

The Apprenticeship classes start the day after Labor Day (September 3rd) and end mid-April. Don't miss out on the RACCA's Apprenticeship 2024-2025 Program!!!

Picture from the 2023/2024 Apprenticeship Graduation.

Let's thank our Apprenticeship Instructors, many of whom had gone through the program, went on to have successful careers and are now sharing their knowledge and helping others along.

Instructors: 1st year: Keane Bismarck, 2nd year: Tim Parker, J.C. Jannarone and Mark Bean 3rd year: Rick Pagano and Jason Saylor, 4th year: Loren Wunderle and William Carbley and 5th year: Wayne Carothers.

Photo credit: ACprosite


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Jeff Schlichenmeyer Publisher

States Applying for Heat Pump Rebate Funds

Update (5-10-2024): United States Department of Energy (DOE) announced that two more states, Maine, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin, have submit- ted their grant applications to the DOE for the Home Efficiency Rebates (HOME) and Home Electrification and Appliances Rebates (HEAR) program.

Each state applied for their full allocations respectively, Maine $71.7 million, Rhode Island $31.8 million, and Wisconsin $149.4 million. Soon, in addition to their existing state energy efficiency incentives and rebate programs as well as federal tax credits, eligible residents will be able to apply for Home Energy Rebates to save money on energy-efficiency and electrification improvements.

That makes a total of 15 states that have sent in their application for at least one of the two rebate programs, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wisconsin. Currently, only one state, New York, has received approval of their application.

We have also heard of states rejecting other IRA funds, including Florida, Iowa, and South Dakota. So far those states have not applied for funding for these programs.

HARDI (Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International) is the single voice of wholesale distribution within the HVACR industry.

HARDI proudly represents more than 460 distributor members representing more than 5,000 branch locations, and close to 500 suppliers, manufacturer representatives and service vendors.

Article by Alex Ayers, Vice President of Government Affairs and Todd Titus, Director of State and Public Affairs for HARDI.

Click here view the article above provided by Today's A/C. Florida

Peter Montana


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15 Years ago FL HVAC Insider Jun 2009 Edition

From Director Peter Montana:

Many of the topics Bryan Orr addresses in the “Tech Tips” section of the HVAC School website are timeless. This one addressing taking responsibility for your actions qualifies.

4 Reasons NEVER to Make Excuses

By Bryan Orr

We all know what excuses are. They tend to sound like, “I would’ve done a better job if I’d just had the right tools!” or “I would have found that disconnected duct if I weren't dispatched at 6 PM!”

Some people probably say, “Those aren’t excuses. Those are reasons!” OK, sure, we can call them “reasons.”

Even if we make that generous leap, I don’t think there’s a single person out there who actually likes hearing excuses—sorry, reasons. In almost every case, the better thing to do is apologize and work to make things right, but many of us feel a need to justify ourselves. It’s only human nature, after all.

But what actually happens when we use “reasons” to justify ourselves?

The Anatomy of an Excuse

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RACCA Legislation Updates



Committee on Commerce and Tourism

CS/HB 481 — Building Construction Regulations and System Warranties

by Civil Justice Subcommittee and Rep. Maggard (CS/SB 612 by Commerce and Tourism Committee and Senator Hooper)

The bill expands the kind of work that Class A and Class B air-conditioning contractors and mechanical contractors may undertake to include replacing, disconnecting, or reconnecting power wiring on the line side of a dedicated existing electrical disconnect switch on a single phase electrical system; and repairing or replacing power wiring, disconnects, breakers, or fuses for dedicated HVAC circuits with proper use of a circuit breaker lock.

The bill prohibits the conditioning of an HVAC system warranty on product registration, and specifies that the full length of such a warranty’s coverage term begins on the date a licensed contractor installs the system. The bill also requires that an HVAC warranty or product registration card or form must specify that the card or form is for the product registration and that failure to complete and return the form does not diminish any warranty rights.

If approved by the Governor, or allowed to become law without the Governor’s signature, these provisions take effect July 1, 2024.

Vote: Senate 40-0; House 117-0

Note: Approved by Governor on 5/28/2024

CS/HB 481 Dash Board

FRACCA (Florida Refrigeration Air Conditioning Contractors Association) Bulletin Board

FRACCA At Sea 2025 Voyager of the Seas

Departing Port Canaveral on Saturday, February 22nd, 2025

5-night trip going to Caribbean - Eastern (Caribbean)

Visiting: Port Canaveral, Nassau, Labadee

Unlike our last cruise this one only includes taxes, fees, and pre-paid gratuities. Please reach out to add WI-FI or drink packages. For those of you that are foodies we also recommend considering purchasing a meal package for 3 nights in their specialty dining room. 

Book your Cabanas early for a great beach day.

Invite your teams, families, friends and spend time building relationships 

with other Air Conditioning Contractors in a relaxed atmosphere.   

2 CEU Credits will be available as well!

Click here for more information.

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