Reaching New Markets

Pro/Angle® is reaching new markets while attaining fuel efficiency by rail. In the past year, Pro/Angle has grown into several new markets in the Northeast. We've seen new installations in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  

With the trucking market presenting a tough challenge this year, we've turned to rail shipping as an alternative. Rail allows us to move large volumes of Pro/Angle great distances while benefiting the environment though reduced emissions.

According to CSX, trains can move a ton of freight approximately 492 miles on a single gallon of fuel vs 134 miles on a single gallon via truck.  Efficient use of fuel means fewer greenhouse gas emissions for our planet.

We've been fortunate to have worked with Grand River Railway Company, a short line rail operator establishing transload services to move Pro/Angle from train to truck to golf course.  

Whether by train, truck or boat, our logistics team has the experience to deliver Pro/Angle to your course.

Eric Ludewig, Sports Aggregates Sales Manager
Concrete Ballast Blocks for Solar

Third Sun Solar of Athens, OH is a Design/Build specialty solar installer. The owners, Michelle and Geoff Greenfield got their start in 2000, when they developed their own solar power system for their new rural home that did not have access to utility power. They saw there was need in the residential and commercial markets that was not being met. Today they are a leading solar installer in Ohio and a top 100 installer in the US. With over 1250 clean energy projects generating more than 25MW of electricity throughout the country.
R.W. Sidley works with Third Sun Solar by producing and delivering concrete ballast blocks that are used on their commercial flat roof solar installations for many client types including Fortune 50 global corporations. The ballast blocks are designed for a 30-year life and must meet ASTM 1491 specifications for this roof top application. The blocks were tested for 100 freeze thaw cycles.
The ballast blocks function to provide the needed additional weight to hold the aluminum and steel racking system in place, avoiding or minimizing the need to drill holes into the roof’s protective membrane. When the blocks are moved up to the roof, too much concentrated weight is also an issue, so Sidley palletizes the blocks in smaller quantities to meet their specific weight requirements. On-time delivery is vital when you are paying for a crane by the hour, we understand time is money, and our logistics team ensures our trucks are on schedule no matter where the jobsite is located.
Offering custom construction solutions and going the extra mile for our customers is what we take pride in at Sidley, and we appreciate our customers putting their trust in us to be one of their valued team members. As the economics of on site electricity production continue to improve, this use of Sidley products is expected to grow.

Matt Eisenmann, Block & Supply Sales
Courtesy of Geauga County Maple Leaf
R.W. Sidley Donates 26 acres to
Thompson Township Park Commission

Last month, R.W. Sidley, Inc. finalized a land donation to the Thompson Township Park Commission in Thompson, OH. The new land will allow the park to expand its paths and add a secondary entrance to Ledge Park. Members of the Sidley Team, (pictured above, left to right) including Kevin Campany, Brad Buescher and Bob Sidley attended the presentation at the park commission meeting.

The best way to maximize revenue every time you start the engine of a van body business truck, is to have the maximum size width and height body that can be built. This allows you to haul two (2) pallets side by side the full length of the body with a door opening that can accommodate a tow motor with it's load and get in and out with ease. 

With Mack's new MD series truck a 270" wheelbase can be ordered and have a 26' van body installed with internal hold down rails that will haul all loads safe & secure. It's a dock high vehicle with an automatic transmission and NON-CDL, so it opens up a larger pool of drivers.

Contact us to discuss your truck needs and we will find the Mack Truck that works for your business.

Bill Golden, Mack Truck Sales
Upcoming Pro/Angle® Trade Shows

December 1, 2021

Ohio Turfgrass Show, Columbus, OH
December 7-8, 2021

New Jersey Green Expo, Atlantic City, NJ
December 7-8, 2021

Michigan Turfgrass Show, Mt. Pleasant, MI
January 5-6, 2022

GCSAA Conference & Show, San Diego, CA
February 8-10, 2022

February 22-23, 2022

New England Turfgrass Show, Providence, RI
March 8-9, 2022
Ascent® magazine is a free, quarterly publication of PCI and is great resource for design professionals. Each issue features in-depth case studies of precast projects that highlighting industry trends and innovative design, comprehensive articles on specific design challenges from industry experts, and special features on constructing with precast/prestressed concrete.

The Fall issue of Ascent features the beauty and style of architectural precast concrete and showcases striking examples of the material in several categories. The digital issue also includes several case studies that you won't find in the print version.
PCI Journal
The PCI Journal is a free bimonthly publication of PCI that includes peer-reviewed papers that report on the latest international research on the analysis, design, materials, construction, and repair of precast, prestressed concrete structures and pavements. Many of these papers will later inform the design handbooks and building codes used in our industry.

The digital version of the November- December 2021 Issue of the PCI Journal is now available online. Innovation is the theme of the current issue. Be sure to read the Chairman's Message from 2021 PCI Chair Dennis R. Fink, PCI President Bob Risser’s President's Message and News from PCI Headquarters and much more.
What Motivates Us
Each month we highlight a different R.W. Sidley employee, from all divisions in the company as to what motivates them to come to work every day and do their best.
Carmen Acierno, Estimator, Sidley Precast Group
What motivates me is a drive for self improvement. I want to see how much I am capable of and how far I can go in the time I am given. What makes me feel accomplished is seeing a project being built and witnessing the progress over time as it is completed, that has always been a rewarding feeling. What gives me purpose at work is knowing that I am helping to keep our country running smoothly. Infrastructure is the life blood of any country so I want to help build and maintain that. It is one of the main reasons why I studied Civil Engineering at YSU. I am proud to work for R.W. Sidley because they are a family owned business that has grown for over 80 years and I look forward to helping to build the company even more.  

We are pleased to welcome Carmen to the Sidley Precast Team.
R.W. Sidley, Inc. is the exclusive Builders Club sponsor for concrete, block, brick and aggregates in Northeast Ohio and the Pittsburgh area. There is no cost for a home builders to be part of this program. Buy from R.W. Sidley, Inc., pay within terms, earn rewards points! It's that simple. Points can be used on a huge selection tools, electronics, travel and much more. Contact one of salespeople today for more information and to start earning rewards!
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