Why do Spiritual Scientists Have Such a Difficult Time Accepting New Technologies? 

Have you ever wondered why "spiritual" people are leery of technology and eschew any human advancement that has a semblance of high-tech? They categorically deride technology on one hand, yet in the other, they are texting on their smart phones or using social media as a platform for global conversations with others of the same persuasion. Or they accept technology that has been around for decades like automobiles, solar power, and heart rate monitors, but couldn't possibly imagine that there are other technologies on the horizon that could be equally beneficial to humanity.  
One spiritual group, of which I am a member, are anthroposophists who are so resistant to technology that many of their associated schools require parents to sign a document that their child will not watch television as a condition of enrollment. Movies and computers are equally as bad and should be avoided if possible. They are the Amish of the New Age movement, in a certain sense. Although Anthroposophists support biodynamic organic foods and don't want to vaccinate their children, all of which, in our modern world, are pretty good ideas, they can sometimes be so vehemently opposed to mechanical and technological advances, that any new devices and systems are labeled evil without any thoughtful consideration as to the possible benefits.  
What is the underlying reason for spiritual people's rejection of technology or, in contradistinction, why do many people stand in line for hours to buy the newest version of an I-Phone? What modern person today, spiritual or worldly, can live without a cellphone, a device can not only place a phone call, but also make the user a techno-god who can appear omniscient by answering any question within seconds, omnipresent by facetiming or Skyping anywhere or posting video that can be seen instantaneously around the world, and omnipotent through using the Internet of Things that can control devices in your home, work, and recreation? 
  We are techno-gods in the becoming, or at least that is what "scientists" tell us. Nothing is beyond the reach of scientists, even the god-particle or knowing what happened the instant after creation. CERN, the most expensive machine ever created for "imaginary" particle physics, is a perfect example of scientific pride and hubris that is nothing but smoke and mirrors.  
  CERN has never proven anything, and nothing practical has ever come from the changing theories of particle physics; yet, it leads science under a banner that is bigger and better than the creator of the universe. Imagine that: the "created" trying to tell the "creator" how he (or as my wife would say "she") did it. The ultimate human pride stands behind the "claims" of science.
  Science is suspect to many spiritual people because they see through the fraud of scientific inventions that are beyond the capacity for humans to manage with morality, e.g., atomic bombs and reactors, nuclear waste, pollution of land, water, air and space, and genetic manipulation. Why would a sane person "believe" the newest theories of science when they change all the time? Hardly a single scientific theory lasts more than a century, yet we are asked to build our lives around the theories of science and readily use any new device created by scientists because it came from scientists - who are never wrong and only have our best interest at heart.
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Are the Gabriels making up this stuff....or what?

The article above addresses the question of Rudolf Steiner's ideas on vibrational resonance and the work that sprang from it with r adiesthesia, radionics and bio-geometry through Louis Turenne , Chaumery, De Belizal, Ibrahim Karim Albert Abrams , Ruth Drown , Hulda Clark , T. G. Hieronymus , Georges Lakhovsky , Royal Rife , George de la Warr John Worrell Keely, Peter Kelly, William Nelson, and others. 
The concepts of "radiant matter" are at the foundation of quantum physics. These ideas may come as a shock to those who have not studied Rudolf Steiner's lectures entitled,  The Fourth Dimension, Scared Geometry, Alchemy, and Mathematics, given in Berlin from March 24 to June 7, 1905, and November 7, 1905 and October 22, 1908 with an introduction by David Booth, Anthroposophic Press, 2001. 

On page 18, Steiner tells us:
"Initially, the cube has three dimensions: height, width, and depth. In addition we must distinguish a specific light-radiating capacity within each sub-cube. The result is another dimension, radiant ability, which must be added to height, width, and depth." And later, "When we are able to survey the astral and physical worlds simultaneously, we exist in four-dimensional space."  
"A cube is a section of three interacting streams. When you think of the totality of their interaction, you are dealing with six directions rather than three: backward/forward, up/down, and right/left. There are actually six directions. The issue is complicated further by the existence of two types of streams, one moving outward from a point and another moving inward from infinity. This will give you a perspective on the practical applications of higher, theoretical theosophy." 
"To enter the astral realm we must eliminate one entire direction of inward and outward streams." 
After describing the two streams that create the human body, Steiner says: 

"...your outer life and physical body are nothing more than the result, or intersection, of two streams that converge from opposite directions. You might say that one stream always travels toward you and that you bring the other stream along with you. This phenomenon, which is known as meeting the "guardian of the threshold," is nothing more than facing our own future life. Our own future lies beyond the threshold."

"Neoanthroposophy is 
Brahma-Atman, the 
anthroposophic muse 
of the new age. "  

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The Qube and Sigils
The Qube and Sigils


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