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July 2022 | Issue 5
First, a note and redaction: We want to apologize for the error printed in our last newsletter (view it here) and give proper thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Chandler and the other members of St. James Lutheran Church, for the wonderful spaghetti dinner they hosted to welcome the students of Boston College during Collegiate Challenge 2022!
Grants Received Help us Grow
Connected Communities Grant from the Central Carolina Community Foundation
Sumter Habitat for Humanity is honored to be one of twelve nonprofit organizations from the Midlands to receive funding from Central Carolina Community Foundation through their Connected Community Grant. A letter of intent (LOI), the first and initial round of this grant, was submitted in December.

In the LOI, we asked for funding for our next Habitat Home build. Upon being invited to the second round of the application process, we were asked if there was any other project that would serve a broader range of people (aside from one family at a time) for which we may need funding. After a lot of back and forth and reworking the second, more in-depth part of the grant, we submitted our final ask...Read More
Capacity Building Mini Grant from the Sumter Community Foundation

We applied for Sumter Community Foundation’s Capacity Building Mini-Grant in March, asking to be considered for the $3,000 to go towards our matching funds if awarded the Connected Communities grant from Central Carolina Community Foundation. We knew that if rewarded the Connected Communities Grant we would be required to match 30% of our goal to undergo a strategic planning overhaul along with the creation and implementation of a home repair program...Read More
Home Build Updates!
The Alice Drive Baptist Church Build is coming along, and everything looks great so far. Mr. Randy and volunteers will continue to push forward on this build to get Ms. Jones into her new home as soon as possible! The following work is what we have left to do as of June 2022:

- Cabinet Installation
- Painting
- Flooring
- Plumbing
-Doors to be Hung
- Light Fixtures

Overall, Mr. Randy predicts that the home is 75% complete, and he hopes to have the home move-in ready by August or September of 2022.
The Eaton Build at 20 Humanity Court is underway and making progress. The foundation is done and 50% of the framework is complete. The next focus will be the roof.
We are always looking for and appreciative of those who volunteer their time to help build these homes. Construction often comes to a standstill or slows down when we have fewer people on the worksite assisting Mr. Randy and our homeowners in constructing these homes.
There is no experience required to volunteer, and Mr. Randy is great at ensuring our volunteers are comfortable. The work they are doing is safe and appropriate for the needs of every individual.
If you are interested in volunteering, please call us at 803-775-5767, or visit our website at https://www.habitatsumter.org/volunteer.
On Wednesday, June 22nd 28th OWS (Operational Weather Squadron) from Team Shaw joined Mr.
Randy on the worksite. We always love having our friends from Team Shaw! We appreciate their service and willingness to volunteer with Sumter Habitat during their free time!
Hooray for Homeownership!
With Jessica Robinson

On Tuesday, May 24th the family and friends of Jessica Robinson and her son Ja’ Cardi, along with Sumter Habitat for Humanity Board Members and staff, gathered outside of Jessica and her son’s new home for the blessing of the home and homeownership dedication. It was clear of the support and love that Jessica and Ja’ Cardi have surrounding them as they embark on this new adventure of homeownership. We sat down with Jessica a few weeks after moving in to her new home, and asked her a few questions as she reflects on her time in our homeownership program, and transitioning into an actual homeowner. 

1.) When and how did you learn about Habitat for Humanity? In 2019, I learned about the Habitat for Humanity program through a good friend and coworker, Charnel Lovely.

2.) What made you interested in the homeownership program, and what was your "why" for wanting to become a homeowner through Sumter Habitat for Humanity? When did you apply? I became pregnant with my son in 2019. The environment and surrounding areas were a big concern for me. As a single lady with no kids, many things went on in the area that I overlooked. I grew up in a big house with lots of yards and wanted the same something for my son. He deserved everything I had as a child and much, much more. Due to the shape of my credit and my income being a homeowner was never a big priority. But now, with this new life and adventure ahead of me, I knew that I had to do something to fix my current situation. After receiving some information and researching on my own, I saw that Habitat for Humanity would be my best bet to achieve my goal and become a homeowner.

3.) Were there any program requirements you were concerned about upon applying? I applied for the homeownership program in 2020. Applying to the program, I was super concerned about my credit because I knew that it wasn't in the best of shape. I made many poor decisions concerning my credit earlier in life due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of my credit's impact on my life. 

5.) What was your greatest challenge through this process? The greatest challenge I faced with the Habitat program was the sweat equity hours. Many days, I was faced with the choice of going to work, picking up the overtime and much-needed extra income, or coming to Habitat to work. I'm a little sad to admit that I chose to go to work overtime over Habitat many days. Just doing the minimum hours monthly caused my homeownership process to be drawn out longer than expected. 

6.) Aside from homeownership, what are you taking away from this program? Aside from homeownership, I am taking away a lot of home builder skills that I didn't have before or that I didn't even know I could do. I am also taking away great memories and new friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. 
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