December 2020
The LGS Group Quarterly
Get automatic vehicle security with AutoSense
AutoSense™ technology is a product feature that automatically locks vehicle doors or locks the transmission in Park, depending on the application.

This theft prevention feature is perfect for situations that require frequent exiting from the vehicle:

- Transit: when a driver assists a passenger from the bus

- Law enforcement/ambulance: when responding to an urgent call

- Work truck: when making deliveries

Products with the AutoSense feature include IdleLock, EcoStar III and IdleGuard. More coming soon!
In the News

New cabinet lock alarm system provides added vehicle security

InterMotive has developed Lock Boss™, a security product designed to lock vehicle cabinets and tool boxes using the OEM fob.

The system has an alarm feature that activates if the cabinet is opened without the fob. Lock Boss also alerts users if a cabinet is ajar and offers a discrete silence button.
FlexSpeak Talking Bus helps meet transit ADA requirements
The "Talking Bus" automated voice annunciator system provides an improved transit experience with audio/visual communication.

FlexSpeak automatically broadcasts bus route and safety information using the PA system and a destination sign.

The system is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) transit regulations when combined with a destination sign.
eVolution: the intelligent engine stop/start system

This new RV product automatically turns the engine off and on to charge OEM and auxiliary batteries.

Features include:

- Key-out mode function for added security

- High idle function to minimize charging time

- Configurable fuel level monitor to prevent restart on low fuel

- Over rev output to prevent overcharging

eVolution is available for RAM ProMaster and Ford Transit chassis.
Pricing increase on select products
Effective 1/1/21, there will be a 2.5% price increase on certain products. Read the pricing details for more information.

Submit an order before 12/23/20 with delivery prior to 6/30/21 to receive current pricing.
LGS Group and InterMotive holiday closure
All LGS Group and InterMotive offices will be closed from December 25 through January 1, 2021. We will reopen on Monday, January 4, 2021.

The last day of shipping is 12/22/20.

Happy holidays!
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