Millennium Recycling News
April 2016

How Are We Doing?
Get Noticed at Summer Events!
The nonprofit group Ecomaniacs is looking for donations to support their summer cleanup program and education efforts. If you become a sponsor you could be recognized at the summer events they attend - Over 660,000 people reached last year alone! (Jazzfest, Ribfest and Hot Harley Nights, just to name a few). 
Show our community your commitment to recycling education by supporting the Ecomaniacs this summer!


Direct Commercial to Recycler Weights - Can Haulers Count It?
If your commercial customer delivers material directly to Millennium or has material picked up by Millennium, you can still claim the weights in your City report with the customer's permission. If your customer is using your trash services but recycling directly with us, let us know and we'll help you track down the weights. This applies to any type of recyclable materials delivered: Single Stream, Cardboard and Specialty loads. Don't miss out on weights that could be counted towards your goal!

Earth Day is celebrated around the world every year on April 22nd. This year, the Ecomaniacs and the City of Sioux Falls invite you to join them in cleaning up litter in downtown Sioux Falls (DTSF) from 1PM to 3PM. If you'd like to join us, please email Shaun for more details!

Residential VS Commercial
Residential and commercial generated material is very different. Residential recycling typically consists of normal  single stream  items that can all go in one bin, but commercial recycling varies greatly from one organization to the next. From banks, to manufacturing plants, to hospital clinics, each organization generates different volumes and materials, which require different types of recycling programs. We offer a separate Commercial Guide for free that can be distributed to your customers for better guidance on how business-specific materials should be handled. We also offer free on-site waste audits where we come to your customer's location, review their materials, and give specific Yes's or No's, with instructions on how each type should be collected. 
Resources Just For You:

Our non-profit partner organization,  Ecomaniacs , offers free facility tours, group presentations, and event clean-up support. If you have a customer  inquiring  about any of these services, let us know and we'd be happy to help you out! 

Our simple waste audit can help reduce contamination and increase your recycling rate. Contact us to schedule an on-location waste audit with your commercial customers. 

Get quick access to hauler educational tools, guidelines and resources all in one place. 
"On the Line" is our quarterly newsletter meant to keep you i nformed on current events at our facility, in our community and in the recycling industry. If you want to hear about a topic or have a question you want us to answer, please let us know! We look forward to keeping you updated, thanks for your continued partnership as a Millennium Recycling customer.