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Quality pneumatic tubing and air fittings, in-stock, ready to ship and at the right prices
Festo’s range of tubing and fittings cover every conceivable task. Regardless of whether your selection is determined by standard requirements or extreme conditions such as heat, welding splatter, hi pH values or resistance to hydrolysis – with Festo you will always find the right tubing/fitting combination.
Plastic tubing, inches PUN-H
The kink-resistant plastic tubing PUN-H is suitable for highly flexible use in standard applications and in the food industry and in wet areas. With the transparent types, you can recognize particles, moisture and oil in the hose with ease.

Push-in fittings and connectors QS
Festo offers a secure solution for every connection. The convenient push-in fitting system includes well over 1000 types of standard and function fittings.

Tubing/Fitting combination
Tubing PUN-H and push-in fitting QS are the perfect combination for many applications. They ensure the optimal, trouble-free operation of your systems at all times. A focus on compatibility provides short installation time thanks to proven plug and work connections.

Cost-Optimized, Light-Duty Cylinders
Deliver high performance and reliability
The Fabco-Air F Series air cylinders are available in 11 bore sizes from 5⁄16 through 3 inches and with stroke lengths to 32 inches, all models in this economical series of cylinders are directly interchangeable, bore for bore and stroke for stroke.

Fabco-Air offers cost optimized air cylinders that can interchange directly with many manufacturers including Bimba/Norgren. With this high performance and reliable air cylinder, you also get fast delivery. Let us interchange the variety of these style air cylinders you may have in order to reduce machine downtime due to long deliveries.
Intelligent Actuator's CRS Cartesian Robots
6 Degrees of freedom
With 6 degrees of freedom, the CRS cartesian robot has many variations available.

You can select the optimal system based on your payload, stroke travel, and installation space.
There are combinations that are ideal for three-dimensional movements within a specified work envelope and combinations that are perfect for accessing difficult to reach locations such as loading and unloading machines or storage shelves. All axes are equipped with battery-less absolute encoders as a standard feature.

Machine Guarding Doors
Integrated push-button system
GSM offers by facilitating secure access to industrial equipment, GSM offers several high-quality machine guarding doors designed to protect employees aimed at meeting your workplace’s unique safety needs including; turning doors, lifting doors and sliding doors.

All GSM safety doors come with integrated electrical components which have been  completely wired in the square tube to maximize user-friendliness in both arrangement and installation while minimizing operational downtime.

Delivered completely pre-assembled and ready to install these completely pre-mounted door-units allow for quick, easy and tool-free assembly.

DR-Q Series Transparent Object Laser Sensor
Ultimate transparent object detection with excellent sensitivity
With a sensing distance of 4m, the DR-Q Series laser sensor offers the longest class in transparent object detection. Built-in ASC (Automatic Sensitivity Correction) function ensures that high-accuracy position detection is possible.

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