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June 2021 | Summer Issue
B8TEQ Light Column

The new B8TEQ EasyLED Round Light Column provides contemporary pedestrian lighting with a 50% soft uplight to delineate walls and landscape elements, highlight points of interest, and direct flow. Ideal for retail centres, universities, park walkways, and plazas.
New Products
These new fixtures will be in stock in July.
The new B12EQ Triangular Delta Bollard provides lighting for pedestrian and parking areas in a sleek new form.
This new Winchester Round Bulkhead is available as open frame or half-cutoff models.
These new fixtures will be in stock in July.
Microwave Sensors

You know that QSSI UK offers microwave sensors on many of its products, but do you know why they function better than infrared sensors in many situations? If not, take a look at our Benefits of Microwave Technology Sensors fact sheet for the answer!