November 15, 2023
Welcome if you've just joined us! We’re excited to report that your letters to Portland city commissioners are working! The dial is now moving at City Hall and the media is taking note. See this excellent Oregonian article:

And yesterday KOIN 6 News broadcast this!
We need to keep the pressure on and show the enormous amount of public support we know exists for phasing out GLBs. If you haven’t already done so, please send Portland commissioners a quick email today. Here are instructions. Thank you!
Other good news
Quiet Clean PDX steering committee members attended a press conference for the release of a new report by Environment America and the PIRGs on the surprisingly large amount of noise and pollution created by gas-powered lawn & garden equipment. The report is an incredible resource – anyone can now drill down to the county level to get emissions data on each pollutant from gas-powered lawn equipment and compare it to emissions from cars. Read about the event
and access the report below (Note: Photos show QCPDX members Michael Hall [in “Leave the Leaves” hat & sweatshirt], Brian
Stewart [w/glasses and black jacket] [and Albert Kaufman in a red jacket):
More good news from our sister campaigns in Oregon
In Salem last week, the Statesman Journal ran a great story on Quiet Clean Salem’s efforts. Kudos to Marissa and the rest of the Salem group! 
Durham, OR now has its own campaign, with a website full of great content. 
Quiet Clean Eugene continues to work with the city’s Sustainability Commission on exploring an ordinance and is looking for more volunteers. If you have any time to contribute, please contact
Washington County advocates encourage residents to file a noise complaint when the noise from GLBs sounds too loud or at the wrong time of day. 

If you're interested in learning more about the campaigns in Washington County,
Eugene, Durham or Salem please write to and he'll put you
in touch.

Oh, and be sure to read the Grist article below. Its subtitle proclaims: “As restrictions spread, neighborhoods are getting quieter — and cleaner.” Hooray!

Thanks for all your great support for eliminating gas leaf blowers.


Michael Hall, Albert Kaufman, Stan Penkin, Brian Stewart, Judy Walton – the Quiet Clean PDX Steering Committee

PS - Want postcards to send to neighbors? Contact Albert
Albert Kaufman, Brian Stewart, and Michael Hall at press conference in Irving Park
Hear that? It's the sound of leaf blower bans.

As restrictions on leaf blowers spread across the country, neighborhoods are getting quieter - and cleaner.

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