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June 28, 2019

The Energy Insider is a free publication from Enerdynamics. We select topics of interest in the energy industry and summarize the pertinent issues in a quick and easy-to-read format.

What Does It Mean For the Grid When Battery Costs Fall 85% In One Decade?

The electric industry has longed for a low-cost means to store electricity. As the price of lithium ion batteries has dropped dramatically, electricity storage may soon be a common resource rather than a future dream.
Natural Gas

Moratoriums and Efficiency Programs: The State of Natural Gas in New York

New York is grappling with how to balance the desire to move away from fossil fuels with the need to expand natural gas service to the end-use customer.

The Future of Energy

Utilities Must Rethink Capital Investment Strategies as They Face New Energy Economy

The utility business is changing and the path to earnings is not as clear as it once was. Today's utilities must rethink capital investments and explore new avenues to ensure financial performance.
Training Room

Enerdynamics’ Content Fulfills Growing Need for Employee Onboarding

The need for efficient and affordable energy employee onboarding tools is growing. Here's an overview of our favorite off-the-shelf products developed and ready for energy companies that seek to quickly and cost-effectively onboard new employees.
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