Our team compassionately and respectfully addresses the legal needs of vulnerable populations to provide timely access to justice – empowering our community with education and knowledge.

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Quarterly Updates

Q1 | 2024

A Note From Jen Lee, Executive Director

As we close another quarter, we want to share our progress and inspiring updates from our staff. We continue to upgrade technology and efficiencies to better serve our community and provide access to the legal system for all.

We've welcomed new talents to our team, including graduates and experienced professionals, who are already making substantial contributions to our mission. Their expertise is crucial as we continue to expand our services and reach.

Our efforts to tackle pressing issues like financial abuse and domestic violence have been strengthened through educational initiatives and attending key conferences. These actions underscore our commitment to addressing these critical challenges head-on.

Support from our community, through donations and partnerships, has been instrumental. Notably, the generous support for our Grand Forks office and collaborations for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programming highlight the strength and impact of our collective efforts.

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to enhancing our services, strengthening our team, and expanding our reach. Your continued support is vital to our success, and we look forward to making even more strides together in the coming months.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our mission.

Welcoming Our New Team Members

Jeff Holt

Jeff Holt, currently serving as the Special Project Attorney for LSND, collaborates closely with the tribal communities. His upbringing in Alaska and the Pacific Islands fostered a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. Jeff has translated three books into Marshallese. When not immersed in legal work, he enjoys a strategic game of chess. Jeff proudly asserts he has the best family in the world. 

Brittany Barnhardt

She was born and raised in rural North Dakota. Brittany has a wonderful fiancé with whom she shares two fur babies. In her free time, Brittany loves to read, watch TV shows, and help work on her family farm. Some of her favorite things about the farm would have to be enjoying 4-wheeler rides, along with springtime every year when she can see all the new baby animals being born. She is excited to be part of the Legal Services team where she is able to continue pursuing the work she enjoys.

Jeff Diemert

Jeff has been a lifelong resident of North Dakota. He graduated with his bachelor's from North Dakota State University and attended the University of North Dakota School of Law. While in law school, he was selected for a legislative externship and served on the Senate Education and Government and Veteran Affairs committees for the 65th Legislative Session. Currently, Jeff is serving his 16th year in the North Dakota Army National Guard. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys woodworking, riding motorcycle, and spending time with family and friends.

Victims of Crime

Financial Abuse and Domestic Violence

Addressing financial abuse within the context of domestic violence cases is a critical component of ensuring comprehensive support for survivors. Financial abuse, often a lesser-known yet equally pervasive form of abuse, involves perpetrators exerting control over their victims'

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The National Network to End Domestic Violence

Pictured: Allison Anderson - Client Support Specialist and Advocate with Legal Services of North Dakota

The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) is an organization dedicated to changing the way society responds to domestic violence, strengthening advocacy at every level, and making domestic violence a national priority. They hosted their 7th Annual Economic Justice Summit this March in Kansas City. The goal of the Economic Justice Summit is to highlight the need for and importance of identifying strategies to improve economic security for survivors of domestic violence. By providing the space and tools for collaborative efforts and inclusive solutions when working with survivors and their communities.

Pictured: Kayla Jones - with CAWS North Dakota, and Allison Anderson - Client Support Specialist and Advocate with Legal Services of North Dakota

Employee Highlight: Allison Anderson

Q4's Question:

Q: Which type of case cannot be covered with legal aid assistance??

A: Worker's Compensation.

We do not provide representation in worker’s compensation cases, personal injury claims, or any cases in which a fee can be generated.

Q1 Quiz

Which of the following does not affect eligibility for legal assistance?
Citizenship/ Immigration Status

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