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Good morning Mimi,.

In New Hampshire the leaves are beginning to change.  The yellow, orange and red colors will soon dominate the horizon, giving us one of the most beautiful times of year in New England.  In our life it also means football and tailgates catching up with friends in the outdoors.  I missed our first home Dartmouth tailgate, and am looking forward to my first on Friday night under the lights.  


I wanted to share with you another insight I learned at the PURE conference and ask you your opinion about it...  

Saudi Arabia is pushing tourism hard. I've heard it's because they know oil won't last forever.  Others have mentioned it's because they are wanting to improve their reputation. Either way, if you read magazines or other publications related to travel you will likely see splashy advertisements by Saudi Arabia encouraging you to visit.  

One evening in Marrakesh I was talking with a woman from Canada who has lived in Saudi Arabia with her family the last 3 years.  She is leading Saudi's tourism effort in her region.  She asked if I was interested in visiting.  

There were times in my life when I would have said a quick yes. Now I'm not so sure.  She was interested in my thoughts, which I shared freely.  She was clearly well-trained in responding to my points - listening and empathizing with my views then sharing about all of the strides women have made in the last few years.  So today's poll below is about Saudi Arabia. I'm curious to know your thoughts on visiting there. 

Below you will also see the results of the last poll - What is the next adventure you'd like to tackle on your bucket list? 

Lately I've been fielding a lot of questions. I love finding the time to write an article in response to questions I know others may share.  Check out this week's Q&A below - I think you will find it informative.


On Saturday I'm off on my next adventure.  It seems like I barely rested my head on my pillow and now I'm leaving again. It's an adventure with my oldest daughter - her 2 year covid delayed high school graduation gift.  The destination was a surprise for her, and she was supposed to find out where it was when she showed up at the airport.  

But... learn from my mistake.  I was savvy enough not to include her email on the flight booking. But I also included her frequent flier number.  On Saturday she called me up with a big smile "Mom I know where we are going!!" It turns out American had emailed her the covid rules for the trip.  

So note for your next surprise trip - do not enter the frequent flier number in the reservation in advance.  You can always add it at the airport.  And since her surprise is no longer, I will keep it a surprise for all of you.  Check out social media in the next two weeks and you'll find out where we are.  Including one place that is a bit over the top, even for me. 

I've planned a lot of client trips with their high school and college kids.  Many to visit their college student on a semester abroad, others for their kids' graduation presents.  Both perfect excuses for travel.  I will have 12 solid days of being with her sharing fun experiences, doing some epic hikes, meeting new people, eating new foods and exploring new places.  With 20 year olds that is impossible to replicate in an every day setting.  




  • This week's highlight - Manta Underwater Room
  • Where to Next? Aicha Luxury Tented Camp!
  • Q&A - What does it cost to go to ______?
  • Travel Updates
  • P.S. Favorite Articles
  • This week's poll - Would you consider visiting Saudi Arabia in the next 2-3 years?


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I selected this week's Highlight because I want to go there!

And since I won't be going anytime soon, I want one of you to go

so I can live vicariously through you. 

The Manta Underwater Room off Pemba Island, Tanzania.

I love what they represent...

"Just to be clear: This is a remote island off the east coast of Africa, and probably as far away from civilisation you might ever find yourself.

The Manta Resort is not a typical 5 star luxury resort and

certainly different to what you might find on other tropical islands.

If you’re expecting bling bling bling you will be disappointed.

If you however are looking for serenity, close encounters with nature and

a close knit family of people we look forward to sharing our island with you."

Manta is family owned, and I met with Jessica Saus, the daughter of the founders

at the PURE conference last week. 

Read more about her dad here.

They don't just preach sustainability, they practice it in their core, everyday actions. 

Pemba Island has been described as Zanzibar was 30 years ago before tourism took over. 

Manta Resort is a boutique size with just 14 rooms.

The Seafront villas have no walls. 

The ideal set up is staying 5 nights in one of their rooms or villas and

then 1 night in the Manta Underwater room.

Your bedroom is submerged underwater with glass windows to watch the fish swim by. 

The only underwater section of the structure they clean is the windows,

everything else has been left to get naturally coated in sea life. 

The room at sea level is for lounging - reading a book or just staring off at the horizon. The couches double as beds if you have 2 fortunate teens.

You can also climb up to the roof and use it as a platform to jump into the Indian Ocean. 

Snorkel every morning

Scuba dive


Go out in the Ngalawa boat for a sunset cruise

Go fishing using a hand line (outside the conservation area)

"If it’s serenity, close encounters with nature and a family of staff you crave, The Manta Resort is the place for you. Switch off the noisy, polluted electronic world and enter a completely different one, not as a tourist, but as a guest with simple needs: sunshine, fresh air, natural food, a comfortable bed and friendly company."

It's a fully inclusive resort. 

How fun is that? 

I'm in!

In fact I love this place so much that I am going to invite the owners on Season 2 of

the Adventures in Luxury Travel podcast.  Stay tuned.

And if you are up for an adventurous stay like this, wait until you see where I am staying with Allison next week!

Read more about their incredible story here.

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credits: Manta Resort


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Our clients are traveling to the Middle East next month to visit their son studying abroad in Abu Dhabi.  They'll be exploring the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Jordan. They will be busy!

  • visiting mosques, spice and gold souks and the over the top sites of Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and flying superman style on the world’s longest urban zipline. 
  • kayaking around the Louvre and visiting the just reopened Museum of Islamic Art.  
  • meeting fascinating people including a Sheikh to learn about the world of Islam and a Jordanian chef who will teach them the secrets of cooking authentic local dishes.  
  • experiencing the local culture including a Friday in Nizwa where farmers from around the country flock to the city market, bringing with them their cattle, goats and camels.

Along the way they will be staying in beautiful hotels and the very last stop will be a special stay at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp in the heart of the Wadi Rum Desert of Jordan. Bordered by mountains and the Arabian desert, they will wake up in this remote destination without compromising an ounce of luxury! 

Why is Memories Aicha Luxury Camp so special?

  • The elegant accommodations are very unique
  • You are in the middle of nowhere with no light pollution
  • The sunsets over the desert dunes are spectacular
  • Do as much or as little as you like:
  • Take a jeep tour of the scenic and archaeological sites in Wadi Rum
  • Ride a camel in the desert 
  • Explore nearby Wadi Rum Village and the natural beauty at Um Ishreen Canyon, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon
  • Relax in the afternoon reading a book and staring out at the horizon

‼️Don’t miss…..reserve the panoramic luxury dome suite where the transparent roof allows you to watch thousands of stars at night from your cozy bed.

📷 Memories Aicha Luxury Camp


What does it cost to go to ______?


Recently I found out about a resource Virtuoso travel put together on the range of prices to visit almost every country of the world (based on their data - which you may know skews 4*boutique to 5* luxury). I decided that information coupled with being asked a version of this question a fair amount was a good reason to write an article. You can see it HERE.

If you've ever been curious about how the pricing for a trip to Iceland compares to Italy or New Zealand compares to Australia or the Arctic compares to the Antarctic check it out. 


Mobile TSA PreCheck Enrollment Centers Are Coming to These U.S. Cities, AFAR

There’s a Massive Energy Crisis Happening in Europe. Will It Affect Travelers?, Fodor's

Japan to (Finally) Fully Reopen to Independent Travelers, AFAR

Major Covid Holdouts in Asia Drop Border Restrictions, NYT

Helpful links: CDC

The US State Department Country Specific Information is here.


The Best Resort in California Is an All-inclusive 550-acre Ranch — With Access to 17 Miles of Walking Trails, Tavel and Leisure 

I went here in August and loved it!

Inside the secret world of luxury hotels-within-hotels, The Points Guy

Trips To Take Before The Teens Leave Home, Virtuoso

vintage article, but since I have teens leaving home, I wanted to share. 

The airline industry is in trouble. Is bottomless caviar the answer?, FT

21 European Cities That Are Even Better in Winter, CNN 

Hotels Want You to Be a Good Tipper, Even When You Don’t Have Cash, WSJ

Thompson Hotels Teams Up With CorePower Yoga, Travel Agent Central

(If you aren't able to access an NYT, WSJ, Washington Post or Outside Magazine article, send me a note and I'll send it to you in a PDF.)

The results of the previous poll "What is the next adventure you'd like to tackle on your bucket list?" are in....

  • Adventure - ex: Machu Picchu, Patagonia, New Zealand, Galapagos, hiking the Dolomites - 50%
  • Culinary & Wine - ex: Napa/Sonoma Valley, Italy, Croatia, Argentina, Cape Town - 14% 
  • Luxuriate - ex: Hawaii, Maldives, Seychelles, One & Only Mandarina - 14%
  • Far far away - ex: Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Antarctica - 14% 
  • Wellness - ex: Miraval, The Ranch Malibu, Mii Amo, SHA Wellness Clinic - 8%

This week's poll...

Would you consider visiting Saudi Arabia in the next 2-3 years?
Yes, definitely!
Hmm, maybe
No, I have concerns that make me not want to visit at this time

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