Put back pain behind you — for good!
Learn the best strategies to speed relief, prevent recurrence, and keep your back fit and pain-free!
The end. When it comes to back pain, there’s no better place to start. When back pain occurs, you want it to end. You want to get on with all the things you need to do, want to do, and love to do.

That’s where this new online course will take you. To the end of your back pain, to putting the brakes on the aches, to hastening relief, and helping you to a future secure and free from back pain.

This interactive course will show you how to quell and conquer your back pain safely and successfully. You’ll discover strategies for conditions ranging from bulging discs to compression fractures ...from strains and sprains to spondylitis and spinal stenosis.
You’ll understand the risk factors and the keys to an accurate diagnosis. You’ll learn treatment strategies, including the latest therapeutic and surgical options. And you’ll find proven tips and techniques for a stronger back.
Back Pain: Finding Solutions For Your Aching Back is loaded with engaging videos, helpful downloadable charts, and challenging quizzes. You’ll learn the smartest steps to resolve pain. You’ll be introduced to the most effective treatments for chronic conditions. And you’ll master the best exercises for resilient back health.
It’s the course you can count on to take you in the right direction!
In this course, you’ll find...
  • two common triggers for sciatica that you can easily avoid
  • the three “magic words” that can save you from an unneeded imaging test
  • the disc surgery technique that’s the gold standard for pain relief
  • the best sleep position (and best mattress) for your back
  • two surprising self-care steps that can dramatically speed healing
  • four “red flag” conditions that signal get to a doctor — fast!
  • a complementary therapy that’s proving as effective as medications
  • And more!
You can be free from the aches and agony of back pain with Harvard Health Publishing’s Back Pain: Finding Solutions for your Aching Back!

Look. Listen. AND LEARN!
Back Pain is a dynamic, interactive, audio visual course packed with content and designed for convenience. You choose the time and you set the pace. The course lets you:

  • Get information you can use from a source you can trust
  • Enjoy guidance from America’s top orthopaedic experts when and where it’s most convenient for you
  • Watch, pause, and watch again as often as you want
  • Share the learning experience with your spouse and loved ones
Download charts, quizzes, video presentations, and more!
Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about these vital topics of health and wellness.   
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