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What is Identity Theft and Personal Cyber Insurance?

In today's world, you just have to read a newspaper or turn on the TV to hear about cyber and identity theft. Have you wondered about the differences between personal cyber insurance and identity theft further and if you need this type of insurance? For most people, the answer is yes, it is needed if you use the internet.

Identity recovery insurance and personal cyber insurance are two different types of insurance policies designed to provide financial protection against the loss or theft of personal information. While they share some similarities, they have distinct differences that set them apart. The biggest difference is in the fact that, subject to policy terms and incident details, the personal cyber indemnifies you for lost assets.

Identity recovery insurance is specifically designed to help individuals recover their identity in case of theft or fraud. This type of insurance policy aids in restoring a person's credit, fixing their credit report, and providing ongoing monitoring to prevent future identity theft. The focus of identity recovery insurance is the recovery of one's identity and generally does not provide financial compensation for the actual loss or theft of personal information.

Personal cyber insurance, on the other hand, is a broader type of insurance that provides protection against various cyber threats, including identity theft. Personal cyber insurance generally provides coverage for the actual financial losses incurred as a result of identity theft or other cyber attacks. In addition to identity recovery services, personal cyber insurance may also provide coverage for expenses incurred as a result of a cyber attack, such as the cost of hiring a lawyer or a computer expert. In summary, identity recovery insurance is focused specifically on the recovery of an individual's identity in the event of theft or fraud, while personal cyber insurance provides a more comprehensive coverage that includes protection against various cyber threats, including identity theft, as well as compensation for actual financial losses.

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with HSB to offer personal cyber insurance that includes identity theft. You can purchase a policy for yourself or for you and your family. The application process is easy, simple, and can be done online. If you would have interest in hearing more about this special offering, send us a message to the link below and we will contact you with specific details.

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Dogs and Such
Our industry is on a short list of industries that require our employees and contractors to interact with our customers’ pets, mainly dogs, with a few exceptions. Nearly every I/R person has a story. Whether they were bitten, chased, or scared by a dog or other family pet.

Telecommunications and broadband work bring our techs to the very place pets are designed to protect. Animals may have been rescued or purchased to be a family pet or companion. However, they see their people as their pack. Pets know their home, and they protect it. Everyone going to a customer’s home should understand this. This includes any contractors you hire to do work at your customers’ homes or drop off marketing materials to them.

While nothing is full proof when it comes to avoiding a dog determined to attack. There are actions to be shared with your techs, any marketing, or sales folks going to homes, and contractors to mitigate a dangerous encounter.
Dogs have a place in our society. They are companions, and protectors. Some are loving to all, some are not. If we treat dogs and pets respectfully and pay attention to our surroundings, most encounters can end well. Our techs must be proactive and patient. Our contractors and employees’ lives and safety are far more important than a reconnect or a new customer. It is fully appropriate to ask a customer to restrain or remove an aggressive dog to allow our employees and contractors to work safely and free from harm.