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In-Season Training is Underway...


The Importance of In-Season Training

By Ty Caldwell

You worked so hard. You made the team! You trained all summer. Don’t lose the momentum!

While playing during the in-season, you still need to consider the important factors that make you an excellent athlete. You need to keep your body strong for all those practices and games. We know it is a grueling schedule and you are juggling sports and education but preventing injury and consistent performance should be top of your list.

Why is in-season training so important?

-         Strength gains made in the off-season decease

-         Significantly reduces injury risk

-         Enhances individual playing time in a team setting

-         Becoming overdrawn can lead to fatigue

-         Better recovery between games

Myths regarding in-season training?

-         My sport will maintain my abilities

-         I don’t want my child to burn out or get injured

-         Lifting weights will make me slower

The truth is that high levels of muscular force will increase your power and agility. Being physically fit will assist in recovering faster. Just playing your sport won’t maximize your speed and explosiveness.

What are the rules of in-season training?

-         Train hard and smart at a reduced volume

-         Focus on recovery: nutrition, sleep and hydration are key

-         Address aches and pains before they become something worse

This is your time to shine! With the right balance of sport, training, and recovery you will continue to increase your athleticism. We are here for you – let’s go!

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Zio Kim

Basketball Player

Six months ago, a quiet, wiry, but seemingly hardworking young man walked through our doors because he wanted to get stronger. Well, this 6’2 basketball star not only got stronger, but his athleticism has skyrocketed! He is now a junior at Pennington Prep and a key component to the success of his basketball team (not to mention a straight A student, but who’s bragging).

Zio has been one of the most impressive athletes we’ve ever worked with. His dedication to never miss a workout, the effort he puts in while at the gym, the responsibility he takes to work independently on the exercises we give him, plus the fact that he is always smiling and a pleasure to be around has truly WOW-ed us! He is the perfect example of what consistency and hard work gets you in life. To say that we are excited to see this young man perform on the hardwood this winter is an understatement.

You are a great young man Zio, and we have built such a nice relationship with you over the last 6 months. We are so excited to watch you succeed this year since you earned every bit of it this off-season. Keep up the great work (2 months left until the season)! It is a pleasure to call you one of our own.

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Derek Stout

B.S. Exercise Science

Temple University

Derek began his sports journey playing flag football at an early age and continued to play football throughout his middle and high school years. It was during high school that he found his passion for exercise and helping others to reach their fitness goals. He studied Exercise Science at Bucks County Community College and transferred to Temple University to finish his bachelor's degree. Derek’s experience includes working with middle and high school athletes in a private gym to prepare them for their sports season. He specializes in strength and speed building in athletes, while simultaneously providing sport specific regiments that help mimic on field movements. As a Personal Trainer Derek’s main goal is to provide a fun and intriguing program to yield results that succeed his client’s expectations and beyond.

Join us in welcoming Derek to the PEAC Performance Family!


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