Puente Hills Preserve News, May 2024

Meet Deputy Chief Ranger Kenn Hughes

Meet Deputy Chief Ranger Kenn Hughes of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), the government agency that the Habitat Authority contracts with for ranger and park staff services.

The MRCA has employed Deputy Chief Ranger Kenn Hughes since 1993. He is responsible for keeping the Preserve safe and clean through law enforcement, emergency services, maintenance, and education. He provides daily supervision for the other rangers and park staff that patrol the Preserve.

Kenn is a graduate of the Rio Hondo Police Academy, certified in Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), and has served a two-year position as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner for the City of La Habra Heights. He graduated from the City of La Habra Heights Fire Academy, certified by the California State Fire Marshall, as a Fire Fighter I. He is certified by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group and the California Incident Command Certification System, and is state and nationally recognized as an Incident Commander Type IV and Engine Captain.

The Deputy Chief’s favorite part about being a ranger is being outdoors, protecting resources and helping people.

Kenn’s go-to quote: No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.- Abraham Lincoln

Kenn’s trail tip: Take only photographs, leave only footprints.

Habitat Authority's Upcoming Events:

The Habitat Authority will be at this year's Founders Day on May 11 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Stop by and say "hello."

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Get in shape with our vigorous 10,000-step Hike (approximately 5 miles) led by our docents, Bruce and Ric. The 10,000 Steps Hikes are held every Thursday and Sunday at the same time and place.

Click here to visit our Meetup page to learn more.

Coyote Birthing Season

Coyotes are a common wildlife sighting in the Puente Hills Preserve, but have you ever seen a coyote pup? Coyotes typically give birth March through May after a gestation period of around 60 days. Pups will depend on their mother for the first few months of their lives and will stick close to their den during that time. Beginning in May, older coyote pups may start venturing further distances from their den as they socialize and learn to hunt.

Coyotes play a crucial role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. They help keep rodent and small mammal populations in check which benefits nesting songbirds from over predation of eggs. And their omnivorous diets mean they do a decent job of keeping their habitats tidy.

Like all youngsters, adolescent coyotes must learn through trial and error making spring and summer months an important time in their development. Adult coyotes may also venture further to get enough food resources to provision their young and themselves, meaning they may venture into surrounding communities. By avoiding feeding them, securing garbage and pet food, and keeping pets safely contained, we can help minimize interactions between humans and coyotes.

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What is your favorite flora on the Preserve during this time of the year?
Poppy flowers
Western blue-eyed grass
California Bush Sunflower
Catalina Mariposa Lily
Prickly pear cactus
Sticky monkey flower

Answer to last month's newsletter poll question: What trail on the Puente Hills Preserve have you not explored but have been hoping to? Hellman Park 25%, Powder Canyon 22.7%, Sycamore Canyon 18.2%, Hacienda Hills 15.9%, Arroyo Pescadero 11.4%, and Turnbull 6.8%.

It looks like many of you have yet to explore Hellman Park. Trail tip: Take lots of water for this one—it's steep!

The Habitat Authority is a local government agency, and is qualified to accept tax-deductible charitable donations including monetary and real property. Donations such as these contribute to the purpose of the agency and provide tax benefits for the giver.

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