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UBC Debunks MS-treatment  

University of British Columbia's Dr. Anthony Traboulsee has released the results of their study of "liberation therapy", a proposed treatment for MS patients that received enthusiastic support from Canadian journalists in 2009 (see CBC's news story).

This study is an important cautionary example to those who might put their health and bank balances at risk  when motivated by hope for relief from desperate pain or debilitation.

For more news on this important quackery debunking story: Vancouver Sun, The Guardian, iTech Post

In other quackery news....

The proliferation of commentary, opinion and faked-up expertise in matters of health is not the exclusive terrain of the typical quacks - the internet has enabled a wide variety of fake authorities to promote health fictions and frauds.  Recently the case of Australia-based Belle Gibson has received media attention for lies and fraud perpetrated via a health-oriented blog ( Global News ).

When a person is ill, frightened and vulnerable due to illness, it is extremely easy to be tricked, duped or misled by those who promise hope and a bit of control to escape - family and friends must do the best they can to help protect each other from the predatory behaviour of the quacks, frauds and cheats who are swamping the internet with lies.
Will Trudeau's Liberals leave Canada's blasphemy law in place?

Recent coverage of the Trudeau government's response to "zombie laws" ( CBC) has not provided evidence that Canadians can expect Criminal Code Section 296, Canada's blasphemous libel law, to be struck down with other outdated laws.  

In response to secularists' recent Parliamentary Petition opposing the law, the Trudeau government's response indicated that the law would be included in its review of outdated Criminal Code provisions. 

It must be noted that while making that promise to the thousand of people who signed the petition opposing the blasphemy law, federal liberals were simultaneously tabling their controversial M-103 "anti-Islamophobia" motion ( The Sun , Daily Wire ). 

Bill C-39 is the legal instrument currently before the House of Commons to update the Criminal Code of Canada.   Section 296, it seems, is to remain intact - there is no mention in the government's bill of protecting free speech by striking down Canada's  blasphemy law.

The current "zombie law" bill may be the best opportunity to advance secular human rights Canadian secularists are likely to see.   Demand the repeal of Canada's blasphemous libel law by sending a letter to your Member of Parliament.  Don't let this occasion pass with vague political statements that this is only the first step....because any number of legal directions may currently be "only the first step."
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