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News from Province V - June 2023

Highlights of this edition:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Big Provincial Gathering 2024 - Save the Date!
  • Campus Ministry Consultant
  • Young Adult and Campus Ministries Leadership Conference
  • Episcopal Church Revival - July 9-12
  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Episcopal Church Women - Annual Meeting
  • Coaching (hold this space)
  • Creation Care Event Report
  • EPN: Upcoming webinars
  • ECF: The Truth About Endowment Spending
  • Conversations with Noted Speakers, sharing from Prov I
  • Clergy Training: Moral Injury and Suicide Prevention
  • Networking Conversation
  • Affiliated Organizations
  • Upcoming Events and Webinars

Opening Prayer

Pride Prayers

Weaver of Justice, let us be your advocates and activists in this changing world. Teach us to see, name, and care for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions, and their full lives and stories they bring to the table. Let this month of PRIDE be a time to expand our knowledge to language that helps extend hospitality to our queer siblings; to speak out against injustice and discriminative legislation and become bold change makers. We commit ourselves to the work ahead, looking to your example through Christ.

God of Grace, hear our prayer. 

Prayer from, and there are 4 prayers available through them..

The Province V Synod meeting will be held on Friday afternoon.

This meeting is open to all and required for Synod Deputies and Bishops.


Saturday, April 27 will be full of workshops offered "ministry fair" style. Do you have something to share with others? Are you particularly proud of a project you did or a ministry you support? Start thinking about if you'd like to host a workshop. All information about workshops will be needed by December 1. More information and application coming in future newsletters!

Discerning the future: Campus Ministry Consultant

The beginning of discernment

Province V has discerned a call from the Holy Spirit to serve campus ministries by creating a full-time position within the Province for a Campus Ministry Consultant. This person would help churches in and around universities, colleges, trade schools, tech schools, etc. within the Province to reach their specific campus ministry populations.

Starting a process of discovery

The Province V board has partnered with Ministry Architects to facilitate this endeavor. The work begins with an assessment of current campus ministries and the potential for future campus ministry within Province V. Once we have heard from people throughout the province, Ministry Architects will conduct a visioning process which will result in a mission statement, core values, and three-year goals with one-year benchmarks for campus ministry at the provincial level. Ministry Architects will project manage the work over 12 months to empower the province and key stakeholders in navigating the complexities of launching new initiatives of this magnitude, harnessing momentum, and ensuring results. This will include the development of a clear job description for the newly-envisioned Campus Ministry Consultant role that is based on the findings of the assessment and visioning processes.

Next steps

Province V is conducting an assessment of current and potential campus ministries in the province, giving a 360-degree picture of the current state of campus ministry offerings as well as future needs. Campus ministry doesn't just mean chaplains based at colleges and universities. We're looking to hear from a larger population that includes those connected to professional schools (in such fields as law, theology, medicine, business, music, and art), teacher-training schools, community colleges, trade schools, and institutes of technology. 

We especially want to hear from the following:

  • clergy at congregations near a campus
  • church leaders/members near a campus
  • church members or clergy who work at an institution of higher learning 
  • any person who cares about those connected to educational institutions for post-high-school students

We will be conducting listening sessions beginning in late August and running through October and we invite you to participate. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in receiving more information or would like to participate.

Ministry Architect Staff working with Province V:

Sara Bailey is a lifelong Episcopalian having grown up in Memphis, Tennessee, the land of Elvis. She has been in professional youth ministry since 1993 serving Episcopal churches in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. While no longer in full-time paid ministry, she serves in various leadership roles at her own congregation in Louisville, KY where she currently resides. She’s been part of the Ministry Architects team since 2006 as a Lead Consultant and the Director of Searches. Sara’s husband Geoff works at the University of Louisville (go Cards!) and they have a teen daughter and two fur-babies. She’s also an active board member of her daughter’s lacrosse team.

Travis Chavis is a human resources and operations business professional. His passion is people and helping them understand how to maximize their potential in the workplace. Travis brings with him 12 years of experience leading human resource and operational processes within some of the most recognizable brands in the world. In addition to consulting, his think-piece articles can be found focused on business trends and millennials in the workplace. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Kendra Ketter Chavis.

Young Adult and Campus Ministries Leadership Conference 

June 20-23, 2023

in San Diego, CA and online!

This annual conference is an opportunity for Episcopal leaders in ministry with young adults (ages 18-30) on and off college campuses to meet and connect with one another and to be nourished and nurtured in their ministry.



Episcopal Church Revival

July 9-12, 2023

Baltimore, MD

"It's All About Love: A Festival for the Jesus Movement"

Registration is open!

All are invited to "It's All About Love: A Festival for the Jesus Movement." This church-wide revival will feature worship, learning, network-building, fellowship and action focused on Evangelism, Reconciliation and Creation Care. Begins with revival worship on Sunday evening, July 9; closing session on Wednesday afternoon, July 12. 

Join in person or host a virtual satellite event in your community. Let's kick off Presiding Bishop Curry's final year with a revival that energizes and inspires us all to live and share Jesus's Way of Love.

Gun Violence Prevention

Episcopal Peace Fellowship offers resources at this link.

ENS had an article about this new website.

A letter from Bishop Hollingsworth, Ohio, with a response from Rosiland Hughes, author and advocate, about a new initiative to offer gun violence prevention consulting and resources across the Diocese of Ohio.

The Diocese of Missouri encourages participation in June 2-4, 2023 "Wear Orange" events.

The State of Michigan just passed several Gun Violence Prevention bills. Read a response by Pastor Barry Randolph, Church of the Messiah, Detroit, here.

If you have other resources that could be included in this section or events in your diocese for the "Wear Orange" weekend, just reply to this email.

Contact Kathy Mank for more information.


Random meme on facebook


Preparing for Peaceful Living

Yes, you could put it off. But what would be different in your world if you didn't?

It's one of the ways that coaching can be helpful: making a plan to get things done in a timely fashion. Coaching can help you do what you need to get done, when you need it done. Talk with a coach today about the things that you've been putting off!

Province V’s Leadership Coaching Project offers support to lay and ordained leaders across 14 dioceses and around the Church. Reach out to Heather to be matched with a coach for a complimentary introductory session.

Coaches are available to ALL leaders – clergy and lay. You can be coached individually, create a group of people, or bring a team together for creating shared goals and plans. Our coaches offer an introductory session so you can together discern if you are a good fit. If you work in a rural area, you may qualify for free coaching. Don't put off setting goals that could expand, enhance and enrich your life, project or ministry. Meet with a trained coach this week to find out how they can offer you a safe, nurturing space to dream, plan... and reduce panic attacks!

Rooted and Grounded in Faith

A report from the Province V and Province IV Creation Care Retreat

by Lella Lowe

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Mobile, AL

Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast

Province IV

Over the weekend of May 5-7, 2023, twenty-three people from all over Provinces IV and V of the Episcopal Church gathered at the beautiful Nazareth Retreat Center, south of Louisville, KY, for the “Rooted in Soil and Grounded in Faith” event, offered to Episcopalians who were looking for ways to sustain their ministries of caring for creation. The weekend was coordinated by The Rev. Heather Barta, Province V Coordinator, with sessions led by The Rev. Jerry Cappel, Province IV Environmental Network Coordinator, and The Rev. John Elliott Lein, from Province I. 

In addition to being responsible for logistics of the weekend, Heather also helped the participants get to know one another, facilitating the exchange of ideas and resources for our ministries of creation care. John and Jerry led us through theological reflections on the book of Genesis, exploring how our understanding of these writings has informed, and misinformed, our understanding of our place in and responsibility toward creation care. 

We spent some time learning about the programs and curricula that are available through the Episcopal Church for work we want to do in our own parishes and dioceses. We were joined via Zoom by The Rev. Melanie Mullen and Ms. Sarah Nolan from the Presiding Bishop’s creation care team, who described a new 9-session, film-based, small-group curriculum that will engage Episcopalians around faith, creation care and eco-justice, due for release this summer. John introduced the group to a resource that he is developing entitled “Bending Towards Justice: An Episcopal Path to Creation Justice.” He also mentioned that an updated version of the liturgical guide for the Season of Creation will be soon available for all three years and encouraged others to approach their Bishops about endorsing use of the liturgy. 

We worshipped throughout the weekend, using alternate liturgies that focused on care of creation. Jerry introduced us (all too briefly) to Living in an Icon, a technique for meditating in nature. Throughout the workshop participants shared, learned, worshiped, and celebrated together, building bonds that will serve to support us in our ongoing creation care ministries. 

For me personally, promoting creation care as a critical ministry of the church can sometimes feel like a lonely job. However, getting to meet and discuss and commiserate and learn with a group of like-minded Episcopalians was invaluable in helping to renew my dedication to the work I do in my own faith community and beyond. By the time I left for home, I felt renewed and inspired to expand our creation care ministry even further, including at the diocesan level, and perhaps even helping within the larger province. 

To get connected with the Creation Care Network, visit their webpage.



Haiti: Reports from the Ground

Wednesday, June 7th, 3 pm ET / 2 pm CT

Haiti is a country filled with resourceful people, vibrant culture, and stunning beauty. Yet the political situation and deep insecurity keeps the country mired in poverty, by some metrics reaching its worst level in decades, while foreign countries and international institutions remain reluctant to engage in better and more imaginative ways. Haiti is also home to many of this hemisphere's Episcopalians, many of which are in relationship with Episcopalians in the U.S., working hard together in creative ways even when the country is not in the news. 

Episcopal Parish Network is committed to keeping the people of Haiti in the consciousness of members and the church at large. Through partnerships with groups like Food for the Poor, we emphasize the need and ways the faithful can help meet the needs of the people. 

One of EPN’s newest partners, Locally Haiti, will join us to share about the current reality in Haiti. These leaders will focus on challenges and, more importantly, opportunities for partnerships in the health and healthcare spaces. Locally Haiti, a Colorado-based jubilee ministry, has been partnering with local institutions in Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti for 34 years.

Panelists include:

  • Dr. Vanessa Suffren - Health Officer, Locally Haiti; Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti 
  • Dr. Martina King - Board Member, Locally Haiti; Denver, Colorado
  • Wynn Walent - Executive Director, Locally Haiti; Denver, Colorado 
  • Alan Yarborough - Vice Chair of Episcopal Communicators, Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations, social media staff for EPN (moderator)


Congregational Mental Health: Suicide and What to Know

June 26, 3 pm ET / 2 pm CT

Suicide. It's an occurrence that is all too common and nearly unparalleled in its capacity to devastate families, communities and congregations. While suicide is often linked to depression, it is more accurately described as the worst possible outcome of a complex combination of things that often includes mental health challenges but also includes isolation and despair. Given the Surgeon General's recent announcement that named loneliness as a public health crisis, this should get our attention. As leaders in your congregation, Episcopal Parish Network is honored to work with our partner Soul Shop to offer an overview of the societal situation, the risk factor, and how you can address this in your community.

During this workshop, the Soul Shop team will discuss the dimensions of suicide including:

  • How prevalent it is the general public and in your congregation;
  • Some of the often undetected indicators of suicide risk and what some of the complex variables are that lead to suicide; and
  • How parishes can begin to think about building out their infrastructure of support to minister to all those impacted by suicide, including loss survivors and people with previous lived experience of suicidal thinking.

Panelists include: 

  • Michelle Snyder - Co-Director, Soul Shop; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Christopher Epperson - Co-Director, Soul Shop; Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Matt Holcombe - Priest, St. Michael's Episcopal Church; Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Marna Franzon - Missioner, Diocese of Northern Michigan and Trainer, Soul Shop; Marquette, Michigan


The Truth About Endowment Spending

Hosted by Episcopal Church Foundation


Does your approach to endowment spending need to change with the times? Endowments are perpetual, but church leaders must keep up with new ideas and church realities. Join ECF’s endowment experts on Tuesday, June 13 at 2 pm Eastern for a 30-minute webinar to discuss the truth about endowment spending. Are you correctly interpreting restrictions on spending? How can you agree on how much to spend annually? What about spending on operating expenses? Or not spending at all?  


This webinar is the first in a two-part series, “The Truth About Endowment Structure Today” focused on endowment structure. While we encourage you to attend the live webinar, a replay will be available to registered attendees.



An event from Province I

The date is actually on Thursday, June 15.


Join the event here.

See the recording from the conversation in April 2023

Training: Moral Injury and Suicide Prevention

2023 Community Clergy Training Event

June 13, 2023, 1-3 pm CT / 2-4 pm ET


Flyer with more information

Networking Conversations

Province V's work in the world is to "Connect. Network. Support." Networks exist for people to gather around areas of interest and share resources with each other. Sometimes networks host webinars to share information and sometimes they develop new resources to support leaders in their local contexts. 

ALL are welcome to attend these Zoom conversations. Please share the information with friends, colleagues, and in your parish newsletter. Most network meetings last about 60 minutes. See their webpages or email their contact for more information. For a full list of Networks and other Affiliated Organizations, visit the Province V website.


Date of next meeting: Jun 12, 11 am ET / 10 am CT

Zoom link: (password: 5)

Convener: Brian Wilbert, Ohio


Creation Care

Date of next meeting: June 12, 1 pm ET / 12 noon CT

Zoom link: (password: 5)

Contact: Jeanette Ettin, Eastern Michigan


Creation Justice Tips

June gathering topic:

On this Monday, Edward Lasseigne and Mary Abrams will join us to lead a discussion on how to write resolutions for Episcopal conventions. This can be an important skill as we seek to encourage action on the part of parishes and dioceses (and even the whole church). This presentation and discussion will cover the very basics of getting resolutions started, written, presented, and passed.

Edward is the representative of the Diocese of Southern Ohio on the Province V Executive Board. he is also on the Resolutions Writing Task Group of the Province V Executive Board, and is one of the two (along with Chris Eggert-Rosenthal) Executive Board liaisons to the Creation Care Network

Mary is a deacon in the Diocese of Kentucky. She is the chair of the Peace and Justice Department of the diocese, with a long history of resolution creation, writing, presentation and passing. 

We will also talk about upcoming events, and any of your news and events.

“Love God, Love God’s World” is a nine-session, film-based curriculum, ideal for Episcopalians anywhere on the journey with creation care and environmental ministry—from newcomers looking to take their first step to seasoned leaders seeking a transformative small-group experience. Sign up to learn more.

Dismantling Racism

Date of next meeting: June 1, 1 pm ET / 12 noon CT

Zoom link: (password: 5)

Convener: Margaret D'Anieri, Ohio


This month we'll be brainstorming around the actual name of our network: Are we seeing any signs of "dismantling"? What do we imagine might be some signposts, and how can we help one another with the work of dismantling?

Intergenerational / All-Ages Worship

Date of next meeting: Jul 19, 3 pm ET / 2 pm CT

Zoom link: (password: 5)

Convener: Miranda Hassett, Milwaukee


We'll check in & share any recent triumphs or current questions. Then we'll talk a little about story and drama, and how they can be tools for all-ages liturgical engagement. (This is a big topic; we may just scratch the surface!) 

Lay-Led Congregations

Date of next meeting: July 15, 11 am ET / 10 am CT

Zoom link: (password: 5)

convener: Jim Mogensen, Michigan


Migration Ministries

Date of next meeting: July 18, 8 pm ET / 7 pm C

Zoom: (password: 5)

Conveners: Silvia Huth, Michigan and Jack Lloyd, Chicago


Episcopal Asylum & Detention Ministry Network

Episcopal Migration Ministry hosts an Asylum and Detention Ministry Network that meets virtually on the fourth Wednesday of every month. The Ministry Network’s collaborative work and conversation focus on best practice-sharing in areas of direct service, organizing, advocacy actions, Christian formation and worship resources, and community education to protect asylum, promote humane and dignified alternatives to detention, and to support asylum seekers and those harmed by the immigration detention system. Learn more and register to attend meetings here.

Ministry in Resort Communities

Date of next meeting: Jun 13, 11 am ET / 10 am CT

Zoom link: (passwork: 5)

Convener: Dave Penniman, Western Michigan



Convener: Erin Wolf, Milwaukee/Wiconsin


Young Adult / Campus Ministry

Date of next meeting: Aug 17, 12:30 pm E / 11:30 am C

Zoom link: (password 5)

Convener: Matthew Lukens, Michigan


If this is your ministry area, make sure that you're part of the google group!

This is a new name, so please update in your address book.

Young Adult and Campus Ministries Leadership Conference 

June 20-23, 2023

in San Diego, CA and online!

This annual conference is an opportunity for Episcopal leaders in ministry with young adults (ages 18-30) on and off college campuses to meet and connect with one another and to be nourished and nurtured in their ministry.



Affiliated Organizations

There are a number of organizations affiliated with the Episcopal Church and working across Province V. These groups have a "structure" that is more organized than a network. They have resources and information that are useful in your local ministry contexts.

For a full list of Affiliated Organizations, visit the Province V website.

Church Periodical Club

Children/Youth Grants Given in Province V in 2023!

Congratulations to Province V Since January of this year three children/youth grants have been awarded from the Miles of Pennies (MOP) funds. Grants may be up to $844.80. 84,480 pennies laid out in a line measures a mile.

  • Diocese of Fond du Lac 2/16/2023- Bibles for incarcerated youths (Lincoln Hills School) Ascension Episcopal Church Merrill WI
  • Diocese of Chicago 5/23/23 - St James Cathedral for their program “Summer in the City”
  • St James West Dundee for their tutoring program “Little Fox Learning Center”

In order for this organization to keep given great grants, please donate!

Church Periodical Club invites you to their annual meeting featured speaker

The Written Word: A Poet's Perspective

Friday June 9, 2023, 6:30 EDT

The Rev. Kim Fox

Kim Fox is an Episcopal priest and poet with five full-length collections from national presses. She has also served as hospice, ICU, and trauma chaplain and was the April 2023 writer for Forward Day by Day. She is based in Minot, ND, where she serves in the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota as Northwest Regional Coordinator.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 2697 9705

Passcode: 1888

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Historical Society of

the Episcopal Church

Manross Lecture at The DeKoven Center

June 17, 2023

All are invited to the historic DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin to attend the Manross Lecture of the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church. The evening begins with a time of fellowship, hors d’oeuvres and a buffet dinner. Then learn about the Rev. James DeKoven, namesake of The DeKoven Center from John Magerus, PhD. The evening’s keynote is the Historical Society’s Manross Lecture entitled “A New Era in Engaged Anglican & Episcopal History: Memory, Legacies & Embodied Practice” by the Rev. Dr. Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook, PhD, EdD. Learn more at

United Thank Offering

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Training Day

UTO Training Day, Screening of Gratitude Revealed and Q&A with the Director

Join us on Saturday, Aug. 26 from 10a to 3p Eastern time. This year our training day has three presentations from the three committees of the Board: finance and archives, formation and outreach, and grants. There will be time to hear updates about UTO, talk, share ideas and get your questions answered. Register and find out more here.

This training day is different than ones held in the past. Earlier this year, UTO was invited to share a screening of a documentary on gratitude called Gratitude Revealed. You can learn more about the film here: The director of the film, Louie Schwartzberg, is famous for his TED talk on gratitude and work with Oprah Winfrey on her Super Soul Sunday series. Not only will we be watching the film together, but we will also get to have a question-and- answer session with Louie Schwartzberg about gratitude. This is an amazing opportunity that is not to be missed. The screening will begin at 3p Eastern time.

VBS Materials

Waves of Gratitude: Free Vacation Bible Camp (School) Materials Now Available

If you are in the market for free VBS/VBC materials – look no further! The program focuses on water, baptism, and is filled with crafts and activities. You can find the program here.

Upcoming Events and Webinars


Province V Executive Board

Do you have questions about Province V? Would you like to be more involved in planning the events that are offered at the provincial level? The Executive Board of the Province meets monthly on fourth Tuesdays at 3 pm ET / 2 pm CT via zoom.

Contact your diocesan representative to the Executive Board:

The Rt. Rev. Matthew Gunter, Fond du Lac and Eau Claire, President

Mr. Rick Stanitis, Northern Michigan, Vice President

Ms. Adrienne Dillon, Missouri, Secretary

Ms. Rebecca Elfring-Roberts, Chicago, Treasurer

Ms. Louisa McKellaston, Executive Council Representative

The Rev. M.E. Eccles, Executive Council Representative

Ms. Laura Jackson, Chicago

Dr. Elizabeth Jordan, Eastern Michigan

The Rev. Marlene Hogue, Eau Claire

Ms. Chris Eggert-Rosenthal, Fond du Lac

Ms. Lesley MacKellar, Indianapolis

Dr. Edie Wakevainen, Michigan

The Rev. Matthew Buterbaugh, Milwaukee

Ms. Betty Bowersox, Missouri

Mr. Christopher Hillak, Northern Indiana

Mr. Rick Stanitis, Northern Michigan

The Rev. Rachel Harrison, Ohio

Mr. Edward Lasseigne, Southern Ohio

Ms. Jan Goossens, Springfield

Ms. Joanie Smith, Western Michigan

Heather Barta, Province V Coordinator

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