January 2018

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Provide Jet Fuel for Success in 2018
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Provide Jet Fuel for Success in 2018  success
Many have worked with coaches, organizational trainers, team building companies and experienced success. For most, the success is short lived and temporary. It becomes another "flavor of the month"; here today gone tomorrow.
What can make 2018 and beyond different? How can you not only have a sharp up turn in your success this year but truly sustain it?
Research by Dr. Dean Ornish, Marshall Goldsmith and others, provides clear answers. Sustainable change is achieved through a developmental, behavioral model that is supported and reinforced by an organization that continues to challenge and embrace change.
Aspire Consulting is dedicated to implementing sustainable organizational/strategic change. We use developmental and behavioral models in processes that have a proven track record. We help organizations and the people within the organizations think differently about change and think differently about themselves and change. They learn new patterns of thought and new patterns of behavior that have a much higher likelihood of having sustained results.
Attitudes effect thinking, thinking effects behavior and behavior drives outcomes and results. Positive and negative attitudes affect outcomes and results. Consider times that you or others have had negative attitudes. How well did that work to improve your results? Alternatively, think about times when positive attitudes prevailed. How were the process and the results different?
Attitudes are habits of thoughts and like any other habit, they can be changed.
Strategy is the support for all business. Regardless of what the strategy is, it is useless unless it is operationalized through the organization. Ask yourself: What would employees at various levels of the organization say the strategy is, and most importantly what do their every day job tasks have to do with the organization's strategy. Employees' understanding of this connection is the beginning of gaining motivation through attitudes. Most people want to do a good job at work. More often most employees do not really know what they need to do to help achieve goals because they simply do not know what connections there are between their work and the company's mission. Instead of encouraging creativity, there are systems that crush creativity at work, and encourage robotic rather than exceptional work.
In a traditional organization, there is one group of people responsible for managing and leading, one for setting strategy, one for getting and retaining customers and one for managing systems. Each in their own silo. Examine the space between the silos. How are you managing them? It is that same space where most customers get dissatisfied. Most businesses manage vertically although customers work with us horizontally.
To further sustain motivation, make a connection between the personal and professional attainment of goals. Most people have the biggest impact when they are working within their areas of strengths. Put a system in place to measure these strengths and where you can, individualize responsibilities to take advantage of these strengths.
Ultimately, sustainable measurable results occur when a clear operationalized business strategy is combined with developing the people within the organization to implement and carry out the strategy.  
Aspire is committed to results driven sustainable solutions for those people and the businesses that call it home. You, your company and its employees' success are our goal.
In Their Own Words

"Each person, including myself, who has participated in your course, has shown growth in communication skills, organization and problem-solving abilities.  The concept of "thinking about thinking" has become ingrained in us all.  We have embraced the tools provided by Aspire which have resulted in improved efficiency, productivity and output.  The successes are numerous and the "wins" are clearly evident!"
- Hospital Director
"As you know we have made a remarkable turnaround over the past few years, and were ready to take the next step. I have described our board as hardworking, diverse, seasoned and opinionated. You made focusing this challenging group and gaining group commitment towards our previously unacknowledged shared goals seemed easy."
- Chamber of Commerce
"In nine months, The Aspire team facilitated and inspired our ED team to improve our Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores from the 1st to the 89th percentile! They provided us with the tools that helped us help ourselves and 'own' the results we were looking for."
- Hospital Director
Aspire Consulting
Aspire believes that individuals and organizations have the capacity to discover and use their unlimited potential to create and sustain success.  We assist companies in developing their employees to leverage their strengths and in turn drive measureable long term results.  
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