Why Buy Personal Cyber Insurance for an Employee?
Purchasing coverage for your employees also closes a critical gap in your business Cyber Security 
Purchasing coverage for your employees closes a critical gap in your business cyber security when a complimentary application that is included with the policy is used.
Let’s face it. You have spent a lot of money and time safeguarding your network and the data it contains. Your equipment and IT infrastructure have been your primary focus – especially as your business continues to evolve post-pandemic.
Whether employees never returned after COVID closed companies’ doors or telecommuting is encouraged, many businesses’ workforces spend their days outside a traditional office and network. Many use their own devices, exposing them to countless cyber threats.
Because it is impossible for a company to manage every external exposure, Telcom Insurance Group developed an innovative solution: Cyber Guardian. Not only does it provide personal insurance, but an application called WhiteHax that scans devices and networks for vulnerability and existing issues. Networks include homes, hotels, airplanes, coffee shops, and anywhere else employees go to connect.
IT staff doesn’t have time to review the scan features? No problem! They are easy enough to follow, designed to keep your employees and business out of trouble.
There’s even better news! This personal cyber insurance policy is incredibly cost effective! Simply start at $70 a year, with coverage and the WhiteHax app included!

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