Hold Drugged Drivers Accountable!  Victims of DUID deserve justice.

Marijuana decriminalization and legalization for medical and/or recreational purposes presents potential traffic safety repercussions. DUID laws are critical to ensuring that our national roadways remain safe from impaired drivers. To learn more about how We Save Lives has assembled national experts and developed best practices addressing this issue, please visit We Save Lives.


We oppose the amended language of HB 218 that will:


  • Establish a 15/25 ng limit - by far the highest limit proposed in the world and is not supported by science
  • Weaken existing DUI law: Illinois is currently a zero tolerance per se DUID state therefore any proposed per se law will weaken the existing DUI framework in Illinois. 


Although we take no position on marijuana legalization/decriminalization, we do oppose drugged driving (DUID) and we believe marijuana must be effectively addressed in statute to prevent increases in impaired driving. 


Please urge your representative to remove this language from HB 218.




Sample letter to send to your representative:

Dear Representative XXX


We would like to express our opposition to HB218 that would allow Illinois to have the highest level of marijuana in one's system and drive our highways without fear of accountability, if stopped for driving dangerously.  

We would be the first state in the US to allow a 15/ 25ng, limit for drivers driving with marijuana in their system. Due to the wording of this bill, roughly 97.5% of drivers would yield test results below the proposed legal limit, despite showing signs of impairment, such as weaving, running stop signs, etc. This would mean no justice for those victims and their families who are killed and/or injured due to a driver impaired by marijuana.


Please amend out the per se language (on pg 112, 115, 116) of HB218.


Thank you,



Please join us in opposing this legislation as written.  Please urge your representative to remove this language from HB 218.  Because we care . . .



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