Clinical Trials e-Newsletter | December 2021
Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials: It Is Time to Participate!
A recent study conducted by Dr. Sham Mailankody at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York) revealed that Medicare patients with advanced solid cancers who participated in clinical trials lived longer than those patients treated only with FDA-approved drugs.1  
This study and others show a clear survival benefit for those participating in clinical trials. This is a benefit that Black / African American prostate cancer patients need because of a death rate 2.2 times greater than for men of all other racial and ethnic groups. However, the clinical trials participation for Black prostate cancer patients averages around a paltry 4%. PHEN is committed to changing this through its clinical trials rally. As part of this rally, Dr. Keith Crawford, PHEN's Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education presents:
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Clinical Trials are
important treatment options
all along your
cancer journey.
1 Green AK, Curry M, Trivedi N, et al: Assessment of outcomes associated with the use of newly approved oncology drugs in Medicare beneficiaries. JAMA Netw Open 4:e210030, 2021
Clinical Trial Highlight

This clinical trial combines Opdivo, a treatment already approved by the FDA for other types of cancers, with a proven prostate cancer chemotherapy (Docetaxel). The clinical trial objective is to see if this treatment combination can slow down or stop the growth of metastatic prostate cancer, which has progressed on 2nd generation (e.g., Xtandi, Zytiga) hormonal treatments.
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