How can you help spread awareness?
Just in time for the fall season we are bringing back the National APWA award-winning Public Works Makes It Happen video to help you promote public works in your community.
This 7 minute video highlights how Public Works touches our daily lives in ways we may never think of, even at the Thanksgiving Day football game.  Narrated by the Patriot's Gill Santos, the video takes viewers on a journey around Public Works before, during, and after the game.
Please use the following link to embed the video in your local Twitter, Facebook, and website during the months of October and November.  Periodic posts are encouraged. Tag your local government reps and fellow town departments in your posts to gain wider exposure. 
We also encourage you to team with your local Cable Access station to gain wider exposure for Public Works Awareness.  Lead into televised public meetings with this video.  Make the video specific to your Town by adding on an introduction from your Public Works Department.  
Here are a few examples of how you can personalize this video for your community:
You can share the video via  the YouTube links above or download it here.
The New England Chapter of the American Public Works Association (NEAPWA) supports the people, agencies, and organizations that plan, build, maintain, and improve our communities. Working together, the NEAPWA and its membership are dedicated to making a difference.
For more information please go to the APWA - New England Chapter web page at

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