Missions Update
November 22, 2021
Hungarian Fire Bibles 2021 Mission Accomplished
Light for the Lost 2022 Projects
Thank you for your generous support of the Hungarian Fire Bible Project. Printing of these bibles was delayed due to COVID, but I am very pleased to tell you that they were recently delivered to our area Pastors and churches in the Budapest, Hungary area. As you can imagine, they were extremely grateful and excited to be able to distribute those bibles to their congregations, and to know that now the Word can be read by Christians and shared to non-believers in their own language.
Recently, we received a request from one of our international missionaries for $20,000 to disciple 20 new churches in 2022. His intent is to give 50 Bibles to each of these new churches and $500 for a “First Things First” resource, to help these national pastors disciple new followers of Jesus. If you would like to help, please designate giving to; “20 New in 2022” through the district Missions Department.
Would you and your church consider giving to more LFTL missions projects? 
During our Summit this past April, I was given the opportunity to introduce two new projects for 2021 and 2022 to the Network. Our goal is to raise $50,000 for each project and I know that with your help, God can do this! So far, just under $53,000 has been given between them. The goal is to present both gifts by the end of 2022.
1. INDIA COLLEGE OF MINISTRY- A complete description of this project can be viewed on the Mission’s website https://202060.org/ home page when you go to the top right menu “Events & Projects” and scroll down.
2. UPPER ROOM PROJECT in the ARAB WORLD - This project is very sensitive so the description on the web is very generic. These are home groups of new followers that have been doubling in size every 6 months for over a year now. Through very covert efforts, people in this part of the world are coming to Christ. They are meeting, though under much persecution. Discipleship materials are needed for the thousands that are being baptized.
I am honored to represent LFTL. Please let me know if you would like me to do a 5-minute missions window for your people and help challenge them to partner with the missions’ projects for India and the Arab World. Here are some short videos for you to use at your church. India College of Ministry , Arab World Bible College
I’m confident that if your church views them they will again want to help souls come to know Jesus, be discipled, and continue to multiply the kingdom of God.

I wish you and your family a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.
As we approach the close of 2021 and enter into another year of challenges and blessings would you please prayerfully consider LFTL for your year- end giving.
Dan Remus
LFTL Director for WNMD
Gayland Hendrickson
Missions Director