Shelburne Street Roundabout


Roadway construction is progressing, and the geometry of the roundabout has taken shape over the last several weeks. Crews have been busy placing curbing and concrete for the roundabout center island and tracking apron, the splitter islands on all the approaches, and completing all the pedestrian connections.

In continuing work, crews will install the remaining streetlights, curbing and splitter islands, roadway signage, segments of sidewalk and shared-use path, and flashing beacons at the designated crossing locations in preparation for the opening to the roundabout.

In the coming weeks, the roundabout configuration will be in place and traffic patterns will transition to that of a modern roundabout. Please be aware that when the roundabout is operational ALL APPROACHES WILL HAVE TO YIELD AT THE ROUNDABOUT’S ENTRY POINTS. Additional information on how to navigate a roundabout as a motorist, pedestrian, or bicyclist can be found below.

Please note, the temporary crossing of Shelburne Street located just south of Adams Court has been removed. Pedestrians and cyclists are now using the designated crossing locations at the roundabout. Pedestrians and cyclists are reminded to activate the flashing beacons prior to crossing, and always look to make sure vehicles are yielding before entering the crosswalk.

Progress photo of the future Shelburne Street Roundabout

beginning to take shape.

Throughout the remainder of the 2022 construction season, crews will complete:

  • paving and line striping along the roadway
  • planting of trees and other landscaping enhancements
  • site restoration

Construction on the Shelburne Street Roundabout project is anticipated to be completed in October 2022.


An educational video on how to safely and properly navigate a roundabout can be found on the project website and is linked here. The information from the video is summarized in the graphic below. 


Throughout construction, the Project Team will continue providing information on construction impacts and project progress through the dissemination of weekly Construction Updates, intermittent Traffic Alerts and project progress announcements. In addition, project progress photos are posted weekly in the project story map found on “Project Materials” page. 

Shelburne Street Roundabout Story Map
This story map contains project progress photos taken throughout the construction on this project.

Shelburne Street Roundabout Introduction Video
This video discusses how the Shelburne Street Roundabout will improve roadway conditions for all users at the intersection of Shelburne St, South Willard St, Ledge Rd and Locust St. 

Navigating the Shelburne Street Roundabout Video
This video describes the components of the Shelburne Street Roundabout and demonstrates how drivers, cyclists and pedestrians will navigate the new traffic pattern coming to Burlington, VT.

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