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Spotlight on Turkey 2016
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The World Affairs Councils of America is pleased to announce its tenth year of collaboration with the Turkish Cultural Foundation on the national Spotlight on Turkey program.

All Councils may submit expressions of interest. The program series will be offered for up to 14 World Affairs Councils across the country.

Applications are due Friday, December 18, 2015.
About the Program
Spotlight on Turkey runs a full calendar year and focuses on giving an overview of the history of Anatolia and Turkey with a special emphasis on Turkish culture to American educators and the general public. This year, the inclusion in the program of school principals in addition to teachers is allowed and encouraged.

With a spring Teachers Workshop, a summer Teachers Study Tour, and public cultural programs in the fall, the program emphasizes classroom learning and public education about Turkey and its contributions to the global community.

Phase I: A full-day Teachers Workshop on Turkey held by each participating Council. This workshop must have a minimum of 15 middle and high school educators in attendance. Councils are encouraged to include school principals in addition to teachers. Councils are responsible for developing the content of the workshops, which is subject to review by WACA and TCF. TCF and WACA provide support, resources, and a database of experts for the workshop agenda.

Phase II: Each participating Council has an opportunity to nominate up to 5 eligible participants for a Study Tour of Turkey during summer 2016. The final teacher quota for each Council depends on the number of the participating Councils and the number of eligible submissions received by each Council. TCF and WACA reserve the right to make the final determination on the teachers for the study tours, which may be less than the announced quota.

Phase III: Participating Councils conduct one (previously two) public program showcasing Turkey and Turkish culture. These programs draw on the participants of the study tour and can consist of a variety of cultural activities, including (but not limited to): film screenings, performances, food, discussion groups, book groups, etc. for WAC members and the general public. The TCF has a large network of affiliates and partners throughout the U.S. and has offered to provide Councils with assistance in finding appropriate local partners to showcase Turkey's unique and diverse heritage. Programs offered by participating Councils are subject to prior approval by WACA and TCF for suitability to the grant's objective.

  • Part I, Teacher's Workshops, will take place between January and March.
  • Part II, Study Tour to Turkey, will take place between June and August, with 12-14 day tours (exact dates to be determined by the TCF).
  • Part III, Portrait of Turkey, will take place between September and December.
The World Affairs Councils of America, through a grant received from the Turkish Cultural Foundation, will provide participating Councils with grant support of up to $2000 for Part I and up to $1500 for Part III of the year-long program. Please note that this is a reimbursement for demonstrated direct costs rather than a flat grant. Part II, The Study Tour, is underwritten directly by the TCF.

Up to 5 educators from each participating Council will be offered the opportunity to visit Turkey. The final number of participating teachers will be determined by TCF/WACA and may vary from Council to Council. Each participant will be asked to pay a registration fee of no more than $800 and secure their own transportation to a major airline hub for the international flight to Turkey, as determined by TCF.

International airfare, lodging, food, tours, and in-country travel costs will be paid by TCF. TCF will organize the tours and all in-country logistics.

The World Affairs Councils of America will sign an official Memorandum of Understanding with each participating Council which clearly states the requirements which must be fulfilled in order to receive grant funds. Councils must report on each phase of the program before finances are dispersed.

To Apply
Please fill out this Application and email it to Althea Georgantas at by Friday, December 18, 2015.

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