HO Scale Brass B&O B-18 4-6-0

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Hi Everyone—

Today's post is the official unveiling of a project that's kept us very busy during January and part of February too—Baltimore & Ohio 2028.

The prototype on the B&O was their Class B-18 4-6-0 Ten-Wheeler, built by the International Power Company and the Baldwin Locomotive Works. The locomotive and tender measured just over 64 feet long with a weight on drivers of 119,840 LBS and a tractive effort of 30,000 LBS. The tender carried 11 tons of coal and 6,000 gallons of water. The minimum curve that this locomotive could negotiate was 12 degrees at speed, but it could get down to 18 degrees when moving very slowly.

For those of us who repair, restore, and paint brass model trains for a living—we already know exactly how much work and how much time it takes to create a beautifully painted model. For everyone else, the uninitiated so to speak, it's probably not so obvious that it took nearly 40 hours of shop time to fully restore and paint this particular model. If you're a part of that "everyone else" crowd, we highly recommend that you visit us at https://www.facebook.com/JeffLemkeTrains right now. Once there you can scroll down through the 15 consecutive posts covering the complete restoration, repair and painting of this brass model locomotive. Our Facebook posts include 50+ large and crystal clear image panels (much more detailed than we can share here) with enough reading material to keep you busy for quite some time.

Any of us painters can post images of a completed model. But that doesn't tell the story of all that went into it. Nice as our builder photos look today, the real story and the real learning (knowledge transfer to others) comes from the 14 previous posts, their images, and their stories and explanations. We hope that you'll share today's e-newsletter with others in the model railroad hobby community. And while you're on Facebook, by all means, feel free to share links to anything that you believe is valuable to OTHERS in those Facebook groups where you participate. 

Doing this work certainly has its rewards. But make no mistake about it, one of the biggest rewards for us is being able to share the information so that others can hone their own skills too. We're plenty busy doing repairs and starting in on the next paint project too. No time for marketing other than what we post here, and on our Facebook page. So if you can help us to get the word out to potentially help others, (by YOU sharing our posted ideas, techniques, and success strategies) then everyone stands to benefit from YOUR generosity in this regard.

Please stay tuned and follow us for more brass model train painting and repair projects. And if you have an idea for a post feel free to let us know about that too. We're happy to show examples of what YOU are interested in, any time we can.

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