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August 2022

APTA CT President Message

Dear Members,

I’m writing to you all from the American Physical Therapy Association Leadership Congress in Washington DC. It’s always inspiring when you come to these meetings. Just like going to CSM where you come back with a fire lit under you and, “wow, watch out profession we are going to change the world.” 

I’m hoping to keep that fire lit and keep the momentum going when the House closes Monday August 15 and the return to our lovely state commences. 

Just a few highlights so far. 

  • Friday we went to APTA headquarters. I, along with the MA president Eric Folmar, met with our VP of Clinical Integration and Innovation, Drew Contreras. I encourage you to tune in when attending CSM in February as he is going to highlight the current state of innovation and technology as it affects our profession. There is still much work to do in that area; as we know, the tech world is exploding. From wearable technology to Artificial Intelligence; it’s more than just Telehealth and we should look at this technology as an opportunity to enhance our profession, not as a threat. We are in the position to set the industry standards; from making sure that a licensed Physical Therapist is always at the helm in these Digital Health Platforms, to expanding our relationships at the grassroots level with these tech development companies; we have to be there, we have to be at the table with them and setting forth our profession as it grows. And I will make sure that we are; let me know if there is anyone that is interested in partnering with me!
  • Saturday morning was the Chapter Presidents meeting. There are definitely continued themes across all of our states; membership engagement, legislative themes, succession planning and engaging of leaders. I’m encouraged with where we are at right now in our state and I’m incredibly thankful for all of our member engagement as we are really pushing the needle in Connecticut and I was able to share some of our ideas that are leading the way for the other chapters.
  • Saturday afternoon finished with a meeting with the academies, executives and chapter presidents. We worked with Foresight; a company that helped to survey members and non-members and provide a map of implicit biases of our profession and APTA; in their words, orthodoxies. There was engaging conversation that many of these implicit biases are not new, but the we need to meet these biases like we meet any of them, with questioning, inquiring, knowledge and willingness to have our opinions changed. 
  • Saturday evening a few of us successfully completed a 5K; in all transparency the T-shirt is pretty cool, and it was in actuality a walk/jog, given the state of an artificial left knee joint; see I’m not just a member I’m a customer!


House of Delegates updates will be shared once the minutes are finalized, but we did some great work in advancing the profession!

After that, we got to celebrate Angela Campbell in her Lucy Blair Service award! Thank you again Dr. Campbell for your commitment to our profession and future profession.

Now for some quick updates for things happening at home! 

  • The programming committee is hard at work finalizing the schedule for the Annual Conference. Reminder, that’s October 22nd at the University of Hartford. It will also be our Annual meeting at lunch time. This year we are planning on utilizing QR codes at the annual conference to get your feedback especially on legislative issues that you would like us to push forth, as well as other opportunities to engage membership and even non-membership in our continuous pursuit of building a stronger community.
  • Our awards and Scholarship portal applications are open for nominations! If you or someone you work with is doing a fantastic job with patient care, impacting the profession or the community, working as a team, please consider nominating them! Share with your students that there are scholarships available, and encourage them to apply.

               Stefanie Bourassa President, APTA CT 

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SIG and Committee Updates

DEI Committee

The DEI committee presented to 40 high school students about the profession of physical therapy in July. This took place on the UConn Storrs campus through an organization called Connecticut College Access Program. This is a program that supports students that may have difficulty accessing a higher education.

Students must meet either or both of the following criteria

  1. be first generation to college or
  2. the family must meet federal income guidelines and be considered low-income (eligible Hartford students are selected from the Bulkeley and Hartford Public and Windham students are selected from Windham High School).

Committee members presented information regarding the profession of PT / PTA, the pathway to become a PT / PTA, shared stories and experiences of being a PT student / PT, and answered high school student questions. We also had an interactive component where students experienced strength and balance assessments and were exposed to assistive devices.


Students attend APTA Leadership Congress

Matt Glassoff, UHART '24, and Corry Brinken, SHU'24 attended the APTA Student Leadership Congress this past weekend. This is what Matt had to say about the experience: "Meeting and connecting with hundreds of student physical therapists and professional leaders in the industry at this year's APTA leadership congress was inspiring and surreal. Hearing about other students' passions and accomplishments makes you think that the next 50 years of our profession will be in good hands. After learning more about the APTA and witnessing change take place in the House of Delegates, I left the conference empowered with more and better tools for making change in my community.

APTA CT offers 3 student scholarships 

Application deadline is September 14, 2022

The scholarships will be awarded at the APTA CT Annual Meeting (October 22)

Chapter Awards
APTA CT offers 3 awards annually. Recipients will be recognized at the Annual Conference / Meeting.

Consider submitting a colleague for one of these awards.

Accepting submissions until Sept. 21

Join the team.
APTA CT Nominations
The following positions are up for election in 2022. 
Pres (3 year term)
Treasurer (2 year term)
3 directors (2 year term)
2 delegates (2 year term)
PTA Caucus Rep (2 year term)
Nominating Committee (3 year term)


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  • PTA differential
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Anthem Provider News for CT

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Upcoming Events

Pediatric SIG

Asher Marks, MD, is a dedicated hematologist and oncologist in pediatric neuro-oncology at Yale, who actively engages with rehab in treatment of children and adolescents with cancer. Come hear his overview presentation on pediatric and adolescent oncology, with an emphasis on brain tumors, on September 20th from 7-8:30 pm.


APTA CT and Yardgoats Game

Great Fun and Networking

Register Here

September 10


Fireworks and concert

Are you interested in networking with potential employees? Contact us about sponsorships and student networking.

The theme for our conference this year is Moving Forward.

As we come back together as colleagues, we look to refresh as a profession and as professionals.

Conference will be at the University of Hartford.

Attendee and Exhibitor registration is open.

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