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Digital marketing has brought about significant changes in how businesses promote themselves and connect with customers. The shift from traditional methods like Yellow Pages and print ads to digital platforms has opened up new opportunities and efficiencies for marketing. Here are some points to consider as a business leader:

Real-Time Marketing:

Unlike traditional methods that required long-term planning and investment, digital marketing allows for real-time engagement with customers. This means that businesses can adapt their strategies quickly based on real-time data and trends.

Cost and Time Considerations:

While digital marketing can be cost-effective compared to traditional advertising, it's important to note that it still requires a significant investment of time and effort. Businesses need to create and curate content, engage with customers, analyze data, and adjust strategies accordingly.

ROI and Marketing Partners:

Collaborating with a knowledgeable marketing partner can indeed help businesses achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) from their digital marketing efforts. A skilled partner can leverage tools, insights, and expertise to optimize campaigns and drive results.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing remains the most efficient and cost effective tool for businesses to engage with both existing and potential customers. It's a direct and personalized way to communicate promotions, updates, and other relevant information.

It's easy to have your prospects and current customers auto enroll themselves. Residential and Business to Business.

This is especially effective for seasonal services too!



Digital marketing offers businesses a wide array of opportunities for growth and engagement. However, it's essential to strike a balance between the benefits of digital marketing and the investment of time and effort required to execute effective campaigns. Collaborating with a skilled marketing partner and utilizing strategies like email marketing can contribute to long-term success in the digital landscape.

Aardvark's approach of working closely with a limited number of clients and providing dedicated marketing support is aligned with the concept of personalized and attentive customer service. This can help ensure that businesses receive tailored strategies and timely assistance for their digital marketing needs.

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The Aardvark prefers Constant Contact for Email Marketing. Plans start at $10 a month. We manage database conversion, auto enroll link, design, process, and summary. There are advanced tools to achieve sales goals.


Before you spend money on Google Ads let's maximize your Google Business account. Think carefully when choosing market area. Complete your services. Posting weekly can move you up in the local search. Google owns 92% of the search market worldwide!

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TikTok requires personality, enticing content, music, and text. Maintain your brand and professionalism while avoiding cheesy content. TikTok desktop site provides additional tools and features for creating and editing videos. Using many of the cartoonish GIFs and whimsical text formats social media sites provide can make you appear less than professional.

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