Mars air curtains create cleaner, more comfortable, sustainable, safer building interiors using obstruction-free protection at every building opening. Now your entry doors, pass-thru windows, dock doors, receiving doors, cold storage entries, and internally separated spaces can stop being a source of contaminants. Lower your operational spend, eliminate flying pests, and ensure consistent building temperatures using Mars air curtains.

Today’s product highlight will focus on Mars Air Systems LoPro 2 systems

LoPro 2 (LPV2) Air Curtains

Our LPV series is the anchor of our LoPro series. Sleek, quiet, with a consumer-friendly design that makes it perfect for customer facing, commercial installations and also has a variable speed control, allowing you to turn the air column up or down to suit your needs. It has 1/6 HP motor, the standard color is Obsidian Black and heated options are available. The LoPro 2 also comes with a variety of options for the consumer to choose from including Width, Number of Motors, Heating options, Voltage, and Color. This makes the LoPro 2 unique and gives this machine a advantage over it's competitors.

Video below gives an idea to what exactly a Mars Air Curtain is, and how it functions.

This video gives the benefits to the Mars Air curtain with 7 reasons on why to use it

Mars Air LoPro2 Air Curtain-Data Sheets
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