November 2013
Growing Profits

Producing lettuce and cucumbers during hot humid conditions


Retractable roof house is productive 12 months a year growing lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes

When Hasel Tarim in Antalya Turkey purchased their retractable roof greenhouse, the plan was to use the greenhouse for variety trials and seed production.  However, they did not want to be limited in what they could grow.... and when they could grow it which means that the greenhouse had to be capable of producing crops when temperatures ranged from -6C to 41C. 

The following crop cycles demonstrate how the environmental control possibilities of the retractable roof greenhouse allowed them to produce in the summer without the need of fans, cooling pads or fog.

April 2013

When  their tomato trials where finished earlier this year, Hasel Tarim decided to grow a crop of lettuce to generate some extra income since prices for lettuce are normally higher during this time of the year due to the reduced supply from conventional greenhouses. 

June 2013

From April 28 till August 22, cucumbers, melons and peppers were produced.  They increased plant density by 20% and had minimal losses due to foliar diseases even though temperatures reached almost 40C and the relative humidity reached 80%.  They were able to reduce the size of their workforce since there workers were able to work productively the entire day due to the comfortable working conditions.

August 2013 +

In late August, cucumber seeds were planted and tomato young plants were transplanted at a density of 3.4 plants per square meter.  Even though the air temperature was 39C and soil temperatures outside reached 60C, there were no losses of plants or flowers due to the heat and no plants have shown any symptoms of virus. 

To see a video showing temperatures the day after transplanting click here

In late October, several varieties of lettuce were also transplanted.


December 4-7 2013

Tours of Hasel Tarim will be organized by Cravo at the Growtech Eurasia trade show in Antalya Turkey.


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Antalya, Turkey........................................Dec 4-7, 2013
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