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Monday, June 10th

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The weather is beautiful. It is the end of the school year. There is a lot going on, to be sure. But don't forget to get registered to join us for An Evening with Steventhen Holland, where you will be witness to a life lived in defiance of the odds and everyone's expectations.

There is no cost to register for our banquet. An invitation to support our work will follow dinner.

News and Updates You Can Use

New Website! This week, we unveiled a new website that focuses on the core areas of getting help, learning more, and getting involved. While we will continue to add elements and make some modifications, but would love to hear any feedback from you!

Planned Parenthood Annual Report: The numbers are in, and last year Planned Parenthood committed more abortions and did fewer preventative and routine health care services than ever before. They also received about 4% more in federal funding. Nationally, 2 in 5 legal abortions are performed at Planned Parenthood, and they do about 228 abortions for every adoption referral they made.

In legal proceedings, Ohio AG Dave Yost argued that Ohio voters did not intend to eliminate informed consent and 24 hour waiting laws under Issue 1. You can read more of his argument here.

New York Attorney General sued Heartbeat International and 11 pregnancy Centers over Abortion Pill Reversal. This lawsuit is similar to one instigated last year by California. Learn more about Abortion Pill Rescue and Reversal on our website.

Legislation we are watching:

There are several issues that we are watching at the Statehouse.

  • The Ohio Department of Health is reviewing rules for Ohio's Do Not Resuscitate Protocol
  • House Bill 475 prohibits the use of state funding for abortion procedures. The bill is sponsored by Rep Josh Williams. Sponsor testimony can be heard here, around 1:07.
  • House Bill 500 was introduced by Rep Sarah Carruthers. It would prohibit signs from being held over Ohio's roadways. While the intent of the bill is to curb some examples of (horrible) anti-Semitic statements, reporters have noted that both proponents and opponents of Issue 1 in November used similar tactics.
  • Senate Bill 220, sponsored by Senator Steve Huffman would designate January 22nd as the "Day of Tears." It has not yet had a hearing.
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