Pro-Life Protests in Washington DC
Friend of Life,

It has been a long time since PROTESTCHILDKILLING (PCK) sent out any correspondence and we apologize for that although it was somewhat by design. With Donald Trump winning the election, a wonderful surprise for all of us (relative to the Clintons!), there is not the sense of urgency that existed if indeed Hillary had won. However, with the hopes that come with a pro-life President, comes a certain danger and that is a complacency and trust that our President and elected officials will do our heavy lifting.

This could be a mistake. A friend of PCK recently warned of becoming susceptible to the Stockholm Syndrome where hostages develop an unhealthy relationship with their captives. Of course we are not be there as a movement, but it is a great reflection for us to ward off any complacency. So as much as we need to give the new administration time to implement a pro-life agenda, we must also be cautious as to how much can or will be done by our political leadership. One of the most significant outcomes of the recent election is how many state governments (governorship and the entire legislature) are controlled by the pro-life party (and I use that terminology cautiously). The chances of many pieces of state generated pro-life legislation is greatly enhanced and thus also the increased importance of having a pro-life Supreme Court of the United States. I am sure we are all praying for a strong nominee very soon.

So as we watch the developments in the states and at the national level over the next several months, PCK will stay current with the peaceful and prayerful protest movement within the pro-life movement which is being actively sustained by many groups nationwide.

For those who may be hearing of  ProtestChildKilling for the 1st time, please read our 1st eblast sent out last fall for a quick summary.

The focus of the peaceful and prayerful pro-life protest movement, along with the entire country, shifts this week to Washington DC and the inauguration of our new President and then a week later the March for Life. It should be noted that Jeanne Mancini this past fall at the kickoff of 40 Days United at the steps of the SCOTUS stated that the March for Life was the “largest national pro-life protest held annually.” Yes! Everything we do for in defense of life…walk, march, witness, counsel, pray, stand et al, we do also in protest of pre-born child killing.

Washington DC Protests
Over the next eight days, the pro-life movement will peacefully and prayerfully protests pre-born childkilling in and around Washington DC. Here are some of the events…
  • Friday January 20th there will be a protest of the DC Planned Parenthood inaugural fundraiser. The protest will occur from 5 pm till 8 pm at the national headquarters of Planned Parenthood at 1225 4th St NE, DC. Contact for more information.
  • Thursday January 26th: DC Planned Parenthood protest and rally. (see below)
  • Friday January 27th: "DIE IN" protest at the White House sponsored by numerous groups. For more information contact
Washington DC Planned Parenthood Protest

Thursday, January 26th, beginning at 8 am there will be a protest/rally at the Washington DC National Headquarters of Planned Parenthood located at 1225 4th St NE. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in this peaceful and prayerful protest of Planned Parenthood and rally to bring more attention to Planned Parenthood’s continued expansion of their abortion business throughout the country.

We will be joined by many national pro-life leaders. Already scheduled…
  • Lauren Handy (coordinator of DC PP ongoing protest / counseling effort)
  • Fr Frank Pavone (PFL)
  • Troy Newman (OR)
  • Rev Patrick Mahoney
  • David Bereit
  • Mark Harrington (Created Equal)
  • Irene Zamorano (SNM)
  • and many others…
Buses are welcome as well as activist signs of your choosing!
5 minute walk from local NOMA Metro Stop (Red Line).

Keep in Touch!

We would like to send out an eblast about once a month with updates about the peaceful and prayerful prolife protest movement across the country. If you would like us to promote a protest event you are having, feel free to contact us. Also, feel free to post to our FB page.
PLEASE GO TO WWW.PROTESTCHILDKILLING.COM. Please read, study, pray, and fast.  All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Please note:
The Protestchildkilling Movement encourages people to support their local and / or national prolife groups…protestchildkilling is a movement not an organization.

The Protestchildkilling Movement does not wish access to any pro-life database, but hopes that all prolife groups will join the movement and forward information about this decisive peaceful and prayerful plan to end preborn childkilling.  

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